Attitudes and Behaviors

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Attitudes and Behaviors
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I would need to define the words first of all before going further. Attitude can be described as an individual's "normal way of thinking or reacting to something." It is the tendency of an individual to respond negatively or positively towards a certain idea, object, person or situation. There is a wise saying that your attitude determines your altitude. It is attitude that determines how we react to issues and our responses to the challenges of daily life. There are some major components of attitude that are different from one another and help in the formation of attitudes which in turn determines how we relate to the world.

-Affective: this has to do with feelings, emotions that come to the surface, such as boldness or love.
-Cognitive: this has to do with thoughts, beliefs, ideas about things.
-Conative: an inclination to act in a certain way.

Behaviour on the other hand refers "to the way an individual acts and conducts his or herself." It can also be described as the response of an individual to an action, person or environment. People can say a lot about you just by seeing your behaviour. There are four motivational components which influence the pattern of an individual's behaviour, they are: -Biology: There have been several theories propounded by experts that behaviour is innate, that is, each of us have a way of behaviour from birth. Studies were carried out on some animals, and it was observed that they displayed a particular

behaviour at an appropriate time if the appropriate signals are present. In recent times, these tests have been carried out on humans as well. It has also been observed that biological processes even at the gene level, makes individuals behave in certain ways. Evidence has been provided to show that some type of behaviour such as shyness and boldness are partly caused by genetic differences.

-Environment: This plays a role in determining the type of behaviour an individual may adopt in life. Certain behaviour exhibited by children and even adults are as a result of influences from the environment where they were brought up or reside. If we can understand that most of our behaviours are learned, then you will see the great influence the environment can have on the individual.

-Cognition: This has to do with how an individual interprets the information available to him and how it affects his behaviour.

-Emotion: This is how our emotions (good or bad) can ultimately affect our behaviour or responses.

It is important to understand that our attitudes to a very large extent affect our behaviour. Positive or negative attitude affects how we behave. Individuals with a positive attitude to life usually become positive influences on others. Those who have negative attitudes also influence other people to behave in the same way. People like that are never effective. To enable you understand the different types of attitudes and how an individual's attitude may govern his behaviour. There are four classifications made by Daniel Katz, namely: 1. Value-expressive: People generally develop certain important values over a period of time. An understanding of this in an organizational setting will help the management align their vision with the values of their team; 2. Ego defensive: People like to use their attitude to keep their ego in place and this leads to negative attitude. 3. Knowledge: People can form attitudes through logic or what we may refer to as rationalizing. 4. Utilitarian: How people form attitudes based on a benefit they will derive.

Attitude can affect and influence the behaviour of people who are around you. I will examine the need for us to all have a positive attitude.
1. Positive Attitude Attracts:A positive attitude attracts positive things. It is important to know that when we

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are faced with challenges, the best way to handle it is to cultivate and maintain a positive attitude towards them. People with a positive attitude spread love, joy and happiness to others.

2. Nudges us forward in Life:A positive attitude helps us to think and discover what needs to be done to exceed our expectation in life, career, business or relationships. It keeps us going on again and again even in the midst of failure or challenges. It gives you drive to go another day. Positive thinking births changes.

3. It helps to overcome Fear: Positive thinking makes you bold in life and develop convictions on things that matter to you. It makes you bold as you face your challenges.

4. It helps to destroy ingratitude: We should always cultivate an attitude of thanksgiving. We should be grateful for the 'little' things you have while hoping for bigger things. Without an attitude of gratefulness, we will never be able to appreciate and place value on the things we have.

5. It helps you handle stress: A positive attitude helps you to relieve stress and removes the pressure that may have resulted from it. We all need to strike a balance in life and avoid situations where we allow ourselves to be troubled unnecessarily. At such times, adopting the right attitude will keep us in the right mood and bring laughter into our lives. Being positive is a proven solution to some sicknesses, stress and failure.

6. A positive attitude will make you feel healthier. It is known to renew and strengthen the immune system. On the other hand, negative thoughts help weaken the immune system. We just need to break out of the cycles of negative thinking and find a reason to stay happy. Our health will improve then.

7. A positive attitude helps handle inferiority complexes: Positive thoughts help to boost our confidence in ourselves. To succeed in all we do, we must believe in our ability to get things done. Positive attitude and success go hand-in-hand.

8. People are drawn to individuals that are positive. The aura around a positive minded person is attractive. This quality increases your sphere of influence and brings people to you.

9. When you possess a positive attitude, you will always remain motivated to press on. It gives you an inner motivation to accomplish set tasks and goals.

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