Bill Gates Leadership Qualities

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Bill Gates Leadership Qualities
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Bill Gates was born William Henry Gates III in Seattle, Washington on October 28, 1955. He is an American business man, investor and philanthropist. He is well known more as the co-founder of the Microsoft Corporation. He was born to William Henry Gates Sr and Mary Gates. Bill Gates and his friend, Paul Allen started Microsoft in 1975 and it grew to become the largest PC software company in the world. He is also a very generous philanthropist and started the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which has given away millions of dollars to several charitable organizations and scientific research programs all over the world. He has also featured in the Forbes list of the world's richest people and as at September 2017, he is the richest person in the world with an estimated net worth of $84 billion. He has also been listed as the richest person in the world 18 times in the past 23 years.

In his childhood, he was described as a very dedicated reader who always spent time with books. It was also reported that between the ages of 11-12, his parents became concerned about his behavior because he became withdrawn most of the time. They were troubled that he would grow to become a loner.

In this article, I would examine some of those leadership qualities that have made Bill Gates successful for some many years. First among them all is his willingness and desire to learn. He has always been a learner and went the extra mile right from his youthful years to understand

how things work. Those who desire to learn new things are always ahead of others. He has been known to constantly seek to improve on his communication and public speaking skills. In the most recent years, he has also sought to seek counsel from others such as Warren Buffet and has spoken often of how he (Warren) looks at the world. Bill Gates keeps adding to his knowledge by learning from those who have succeeded in their own fields. Such an individual would hardly fail because they are able to avoid the mistakes that others like them made in the past. He is also an individual with a humble disposition and attitude in the way he lives and relates with others. Humility is a good leadership quality that attracts people to an individual. He exemplified this trait right from a very young age and even with the success he has attained in life, humility has continuously contributed in no small measure.

Vision is another good leadership quality that Bill Gates has had from the very beginning. He was able to envision the future of the PC and the impact it would have on how things are done. The power of vision helped him to focus on learning a lot about programming and computing. This eventually enabled him to develop and fine tune his skills to create what has become a global brand today. The Microsoft software is used by millions of computer users all over the world and it is clear that for many years to come, it would still play a major role in the computing world. Without vision, leaders will be unable to achieve anything worthwhile and their team or followers would have nothing to pursue. Visionary leadership is needed in the public and private sector because with it, great things can be accomplished. He saw the opportunity and potential for growth that his idea would have on people's lives and he worked on it till he achieved his goal. Bill Gates saw into the future from a very young age and has helped millions of people to also achieve their own dreams. Whether it is the employee who works and gets paid in his organization or the investor who makes money by buying Microsoft shares, it was his vision that has made their own dreams possible also. Another

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area of interest that I have observed in the life of Bill Gates is that he is a strategic thinker and he applies this to every project that he is involved in. Strategic thinking and planning are keys to success in any venture and he uses this well even in the work that his foundation does in various countries all around the world. He does not do things haphazardly but everything is organized properly with strategic plans of action. He is also someone that cares about people and has been able to give away a lot of his personal wealth to advance the cause of humanity. Millions of people all over the world have benefited from his philanthropy and he has made money available for research to eradicate several diseases that plague people in developing countries. Educational researches have been conducted with the support of his foundation to improve on the standards of teaching and the educational system in general. He is a humanitarian and some years ago, he and some other wealthy individuals committed to the giving pledge. This pledge commits them to give away half of their wealth to various philanthropic causes and charitable organizations. Indeed, he has shown in no small measure his interest in improving the lives of other people even those that are unknown to him.

Over the years, Bill Gates has been able to create winning business models which have made him and his organization very wealthy. This is a key leadership quality that enabled him develop partnerships which brought about the PC computing revolution. He was also a long term thinker and he applied this when making critical decisions in his organization. This has paid off because Microsoft has carved a niche for itself in the use of computers and it is not about to lose that market in the nearest future. Bill Gates also is very analytical and always would only cave in when people had superior arguments than his own. He had unique skills and never wanted to be like any other person. Successful leaders should possess this skill. Lastly, he is a great motivator and ensured that he always made others feel that they had more in them to offer and this helped them bring out their best.

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