Communication Skills and Personality Development

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Communication Skills and Personality Development
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Communication can simply be described as the ability to transmit your idea to another person with the expectation that you will receive a feedback. It creates understanding in the receiver's mind as it was intended by the sender. It also refers to how you share facts, information, opinions and ideas with another.

Developing effective communication skills is a necessity as you strive for personality development. Your personality will not be complete if you lack the simple ability of passing across your thoughts and ideas to another. Communication skill is one that every right thinking individual should endeavour to learn more about.

Personality development I have said severally has to do with an individual's characteristic, behaviour, style, attitude and mindset. It also refers to the way a person perceives and views happenings around him. It has been observed that genes, culture, upbringing in childhood all affect the personality of an individual. Your behaviour to another person reflects your personality. People who possess a pleasing personality are respected and appreciated by everyone.

Now back to communication skills and how it affects our personality development. It is vital to understand that it plays an important role in shaping our personality. It helps people to express themselves to others and pass across their thoughts and feelings. For communication to be effective, the information you transmit to others should be done

in a manner that is desirable. When you have skills in this area, you make a mark for yourself and people will tend to take you more seriously.

Quite all right, we do not all have excellent communication skills but it can be developed, it can be learnt. If you commit enough time and practice to it, you will be able to communicate very effectively in the shortest possible time. Those who have great communication skills seem to have a better personality than those who cannot communicate well. People who have good communication skills relate with people easily whether it is in the work place, family or business.

Effective communication skills improve interpersonal relationships more. You should also know that for your communication skills to be effective, care must be taken to choose and use the right words. This will help in your interaction with others so that you do not come across as rude or arrogant. When you possess this skill, it helps the listener understand the message you are trying to pass across. How you speak has great effect on your personality. Sometimes, there might be need to speak slowly so that you are able to choose your words and it reflects thoughtfulness on your part. You can choose to place emphasis on important points so that your listeners would realize the importance.

When you speak confidently and boldly sometimes, it portrays you as an impressive personality. Ensure that you do not display any sign of nervousness when you interact with other people except you are not sure of what you are saying. Keep eye contact with the listeners and always concentrate.

Another communication skill is to watch your body language. It shows if you are confident in what you are saying or not. Stay focused when you are speaking. You also need to take particular care on how you pronounce words. If you pronounce words wrongly when talking, it creates a bad impression with other people.

Do not speak with a fake accent to give the impression that you have good communication skills. Learn to be original and never copy people as everyone has his or her own style of communication. This unique style stands you out of the pack. When talking, speak clearly and articulately as this will enhance how you are perceived by others. One who has effective communication skills should be a patient and good listener.

Other Things about Communication

1. Possessing the

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right skills in communication distinguishes you as a person.
2. Your communication skill opens doors for you and motivates your team to get much done.
3. Communication is not effective or complete if you don't possess listening skills also. Remember, communication is not one way but there must be feedback from the listener.
4. Possessing communication skills helps to drive performance.
5. Communication skills help you present your ideas and plans in a coherent and structured manner.
6. Possessing the right communication skills empowers you.
7. Communication skills help you in building new relationships.
8. Effective communication skills helps to give clear direction to your team or subordinates on the goals you want achieved.
9. It helps to increase efficiency in organisations and in our individual lives.

Barriers to Effective Communication

1. If you are not able to keep out-of-control emotions in check when communicating, you will never have effective communication with your audience.
2. Lack of focus in your communicating will prevent effective communication.
3. Inconsistent body language - Your body language must say the same thing you are saying.

Signs of a Poor Communicator

Most people assume that because they have said something, it means the listener has understood. There are signs to show you if communication has been effective or achieved its objective.

1. They only provide facts when communicating but facts are not enough. They must give people a compelling 'reason' to respond.
2. They choose the wrong methods of communication.
3. They avoid communication because they lack self confidence.
4. They react emotionally and erratically when communicating.
5. They are not honest when they share things with others.
6. They interrupt people at every point and never allow people finish their statements.
7. They do not concentrate on their communication but do several things at the same time as communicating.
8. They assume that their views must be imposed on others and that communication is one-way.
9. They do not understand how to relate with their target audience so they miss the essence of communication.
10. They have no proper knowledge of what they are trying to communicate and so the audience will not be able to understand it.

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