Define Social Development

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Define Social Development
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Social development cant be defined as:

"When a group of people of a particular cast, culture, religion or country begins to adapt new and innovative ideas towards life style, living standards, when they become open to new changes and get ready to tear off all the psychic taboos, superstitious beliefs, some of the baseless traditions, one can say that the group of people have began to develop socially."

Social development is a constant process. The societies world wide have been constantly developing and evolving since the very beginning of wheel. Adam & Eve as it is said in the holy Bible, used to wear leaves of trees. That's the very beginning of social evolution. The humans started to cover their body parts with various things like leaves of trees of clothes. Since then the revolution has lead us to have to hundred's of accessories not only for women but for men as well. This can be said a type of social development at the physical appearance level. However, even after hundreds & thousands of years of social development of humans in around the globe, certain tribes in north Africa are still deprived of basic clothings. Their traditions have prevented them from covering even private parts of a female body also. We can say there's no social development in such tribes at that level. Where as in the European and American countries wearing very short & fashionable clothings is considered highly fashionable and in thing. But is considered

a part of good & healthy social development.

Human race has been socially evolving and developing ever since the Adam & Eve time. In all aspects, namely socially, emotionally, spiritually & physically as well.

By Jagdish Mandavia
(iSynergy Institute Of English,Rajkot)

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