Definition of Human Development

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Definition of Human Development
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There has been many theories on the human development in all different religions, countries and culture. Take it Adam or Eve or the incarnations of Hindu gods and goddess. Or as per one of the American scientist the humans have evolved through monkeys . They vary culture to culture. It doesn't matter now whether there were only Adam & Eve in the very beginning or monkeys. What matters is how much humans have evolved since then.

The answer is beyond imagination!

Humans have evolved beyond imagination by how. Take it personal development, social development, financial development, mental development, educational or academic development or science and technological level of development or the medical development. We as a human being have been developing since ages till now and there is really no end to where our development may end or stop. It is beyond imagination.

Definition of human development can be worked out as Follows:-

"The human development is entirely depended on the deepest belief systems of a cast, religion, as country towards money, technology, life and progress."

It is entirely depended on the deepest belief system of a cast or the people of a particular religion or a country. What they believe towards money, towards their future, what beliefs they hold towards new ideas and changes, towards money and finance, towards the country and economy of their country.

If the people

of a particular country are strongly believing in the prosperity, progress, growth and development at all aspects namely, country level, income wise, education wise, science, technology and medical facility wise. They are damn sure to pick that level or maintain the same prosperous level for ever. And where the mentality of not only common man but the torch bearers or the political leaders is also poverty and corruption centric progress and human development is still a dream.

Human race has been evolving. Evolution is a part of life on the planet earth. And no Hollywood movie maker in his science fiction movie will be able to even represent 1% of the human development because human development in the upcoming centuries is beyond imagination!

By Jagdish Mandavia
(iSynergy Institute Of English,Rajkot)

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