Definition of Personality Development

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Definition of Personality Development
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As the ages old Chinese proverb says, "A man without smiling face must not open a shop". It clearly states the importance of smile on the face of a shop keeper. A good smile is a part of a good personality. And hence as one begins to built up our personality gradually one needs to at least begin with the definition of the personality development.

"Personality is to a man as fragrance is to a flower."

None can imagine a flower without fragrance,correct? Flowers without colours? Flowers without beautifully shaped petals? No Not possible. As flowers need a very very good combination of colours, shapes, number of petals, and of course a perfection of fragrance. And the flower with all there perfect combination of fragrance, shape, petals and colour shades will be obviously the part of a nice evening wedding flower bouquet.

As in the sense of human beings definition of personality development can be said to be "The physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual & financial development of a human being".

One needs to develop and progress in all aspects of life. At all the phases and stages. One needs to constantly check and change if necessary.One needs to be ready to learn, unlearn and relearn also.

One may be quite spiritual socially completely withdrawn. One may be socially much developed but not financially sound. This isn't the personality development. A very excellent topper student if not physically

developed but only intellectually & academically can not be said a very well developed personality.

Thus, to sum up, I'd again say that a person with awareness of needing to be advanced and progressed in all aspects of life can be said as a developing personality.

By Jagdish Mandavia
(iSynergy Institute Of English,Rajkot)

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