Evaluate how Personal Learning and Development may Benefit Others

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Evaluate how Personal Learning and Development may Benefit Others
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Personal Learning and Development helps people in their hopes to make their lives better. This has to do with the tools used and actions taken by individuals to make their lives better. It may be in the area of business, career, marriage or academics. The process we go through to bring any improvement to our life is what we call personal learning and development. It is important to understand that we are not transformed overnight but it is a process that takes time and requires our personal effort and investment.

We can also view personal learning and development from the point of the formal and informal activities which can be used to build others to function in roles such as a mentor, coach, trainer, counsellor, teacher or guide. It is also a field of practice where personal development methods and learning programs are developed to assist people in organisations. The focus of personal learning and development may be to: improve social abilities, help implement personal development plans, assist in the fulfilment of goals, improve health, improve lifestyle, bring about spiritual development, increase wealth, develop or enhance talents, enhance skills and improve self-awareness.

Personal learning and development helps you become proactive, enable you take steps that will make your future better than it is today. Instead of wishing and waiting, it helps you come up with a workable plan to make your life better. It enables you identify your

purpose, develop a vision, and details how you can pursue and achieve your goals. Until you commit to personal learning and development, nothing will change around you. It is usually said that "if wishes were horses, beggars would ride." You don't wish your way to success. No, you work for it, you plan for it and you take diligent steps towards it.

Stages of Personal Learning and Development

As you develop your own personal learning and development goals, these are the stages you will go through.

- Identify your personal learning and development goals

- Monitor your progress

- Report on the progress you make

- Refine or develop new personal learning and development goals

Benefits of Personal Learning and Development

There are several ways that personal learning and development benefits individuals. Some of these are:

THEY HELP YOU TO KNOW YOURSELF. Man know thyself says the great philosopher, Socrates. As you pursue these goals, you become more aware about yourself. You need to know yourself because an understanding of who you are is vital as you embark on this journey. You need to know what your shortcomings and weaknesses are as well as your strengths and capabilities. An individual may assume he is performing excellently in his business, career or as a leader in an organisation but in reality, he is causing problems. It might be as result of an inability to pass information clearly to others or the tendency to exhibit a 'bossy' attitude to his subordinates which in turn slows down their zeal to put in their best.

The second benefit is: IT IMPROVES YOUR ATTITUDE. Your attitude it is said will ultimately determine your altitude. Attitude matters and this is an area you must try to address in your personal development journey because it attracts or pushes people away from you. You are responsible for the attitude you exhibit and it is in power to decide to carry a positive or negative attitude in your personal, business or work environment. Always remember, that without a positive attitude, you will fail in your personal learning and development. No one can change your attitude except you are willing to change it. In your business, you will always prefer people who have the right attitude than those who don't. This is very important and cannot be overemphasized. If you are extremely

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smart, knowledgeable and skilful but lack the right attitude, you will still unable to make much impact in any environment you find yourself. Attitude is infectious and people love to be in the company of those who have a positive attitude. If you have staff that possesses a good and friendly attitude, they will attract more customers to your business. An individual will be unable to face the challenges of life with a bad attitude.

The third benefit is: KNOWLEDGE. As you pursue your personal learning and development goals, you acquire knowledge in the process. This can come through learning and reading. Education also provides you with relevant knowledge. To be successful in your goals, you should seek knowledge. Without it, your goal may not be realizable. Knowledge helps to move you forward and improves your ability think. What you have learned, you can then pass across to others in any environment you operate and you should endeavour to seek to increase knowledge continuously.

The fourth benefit is: SKILLS. You can develop skills not just by reading but by applying what you read in a productive manner. You can acquire skills through instruction and regular practice. For business owners, skills can be taught or reinforced by providing hands-on training for their workers. This can be done by moving them to other departments to expose them to learn by working. This increases their value and leads to improved productivity in the organisation.

The fifth benefit to consider is: PURPOSE. To pursue effective personal development, you must know your purpose. Why you are in this world and the solutions you are here to solve should be uppermost in your mind. Purpose is the reason for living. Without identifying this, you will not have a reason to get up from your bed each morning. Purpose motivates you into action.

The sixth benefit is: BEHAVIOUR. Your behaviour is developed over time. It is formed by the thoughts, exposures and the good or bad experiences you have had over the years. As you pursue your personal learning and development, your behaviour will be affected in a positive way. A careless and carefree person will never be taken seriously by anyone.

Personal learning and development offers several lasting benefits as we have seen from this article and it is recommended that we commit ourselves totally to it.

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