Factors Affecting Personality Development

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Factors Affecting Personality Development
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There are several factors that affect how an individual's personality is developed. Our personality is a combination of the way we think, behave and feel that makes us different from any other person. People who have been able to develop the right attributes, attitudes and responses maybe due to their experience or other influences are said to possess a good personality. We are responsible for the type of personality we possess more than any other external factor. It is also important to stress that we should try not to give outside influences control over the type of personality we develop through the years.

Everyone has their own unique personality. Some personalities are charming, charismatic or attractive. There are certain things which we do that affect our personality development process negatively or positively.

Negative Factors

There are factors that affect the process of our personality development negatively. Some of these are:

1. Family Background
The type of background an individual was raised up in determines to a large extent how their personality will turn out.

2. Bad Parenting
This is another negative factor that plays a major role in an individual's personality development. Care should be taken by parents to take proper care of their children and show adequate love to them.

3. Peer influences
Bad company, they say corrupts good

morals. There is a lot of influence bad friends can have on an individual and this shapes their personality in a negative way.

4. Negative Experiences
Several individuals have allowed some bad experiences they have had take its toll on them. Women who may have been raped in the past have developed a hatred for men and never want to be in relationships. Some others may have been abused as a child and are afraid of getting married. Most of us have had negative experiences in life but it is unwise to allow these affect or alter our perspectives in a negative way.

5. Inferiority complex
Some people suffer complexes that make them feel inferior to others. There are several things that could have led to this but we should be careful not to allow such mould our personality for life.

Positive Factors

There are also factors that influence personality development in a positive way. Examples of these include:

1. Loving Environment
Those were raised in a loving environment tend to have compassion for others and are willing to offer a helping hand in times of need. They are always empathetic towards others and are ready to plant the seed of love in the life of others. It also makes them love the company of other people. They have an excellent personality as a result of the impact the loving environment in their childhood has had on their lives.

2. A nature of not judging others
Those who are not quick in judging the failure or mistakes of other people tend to develop personalities that enable them give room to others to fall and rise again. They do not easily berate people who may have disappointed them in one way or the other. This character leads to the development of a good personality in the individual.

3. They understand their strengths and weaknesses
People who have developed strong personalities have learnt to know what their strengths and weaknesses are. They focus on improving and enhancing the areas of their strength and not on their weaknesses. These type of people do not live in denial of these areas where they are weak but they try to improve on them.

4. They seek knowledge
In order to have an effective personality development, individuals should seek knowledge and read wide. Knowledge is power and it enhances one's outlook in life. Any person who is

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not interested in expanding the sphere of his influence by acquiring skills and the relevant knowledge will have dysfunctional personality. Readers will always be leaders. There are secrets hidden in books of all types that will make that individual exceptional in everything he does.

5. Accept responsibility for faults
People who never blame others continually but accept responsibility for their mistakes and errors cultivate a good personality over a period of time. They learn from their mistakes and take responsibility when they have missed it.

6. They are good and active listeners
Those who have good listening skills develop their personalities well. The ability to listen affects the type of personality an individual eventually grows up with. It has a positive impact on them and helps them in their career or family life. Many people hear but they do not listen carefully. People who listen do not make mistakes easily because they have adequate information with which to base their decisions. Active listeners take interest in what others are saying and make them feel special. When you make others feel a sense of worth and that what they say matters to you, they in turn will be drawn more to your personality.

7. They take a stand
People who stand for something eventually become great in life and have their personality properly developed. Those who stand for anything and never take a stand do not go far. People who have values that they live for are those that others look up to. You must be known for something and this is what will bring people to you.

8. They have definite goals in life
Those who have goals to which they are committed in life are those who make headways. Individuals who have nothing they are pursuing and no goal for living rarely influence anyone. Those with a strong personality and have caught a vision and pursue it with all of their heart are the ones others follow after. They must have something definite that is ahead which keeps the passionate and focused.

9. They take genuine interest in the life of others
One other factor that affects personality development in individuals is to have genuine interest in the things that affect other people's lives. Those with such nature desire the best for others, they want others to succeed like they have and this type of personality attracts people.

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