Factors that Influence Personality Development

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Factors that Influence Personality Development
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So many factors can influence the personality development in individuals. As we know, our personality is all about the way we think, our behaviour and feelings that makes us different from other people. Those who over a period of time have been able to develop the right attributes, attitudes and responses to situations as a result of their experience or other influences are said to possess a good personality. We all are responsible for the type of personality we have more than any other external factor. There are also major factors that influence our personality from our time birth and as we grow into adulthood. Some of them include:
- Heredity
This is the basic factor that influences what type of personality will be formed in an individual. This has to do with the constitution of the individual that is how his personality will be: short, tall, muscular. There is also the biological: the glands and blood chemistry, nervous system and behaviour. The thyroid gland, endocrine gland, pituitary gland and adrenal gland all affect personality.

- Intelligence
This influences personality development in individuals. It is also hereditary and those who are intelligent most times do better at home, education and in the society as a whole than those who are less intelligent.

- Difference in sex
The differences in sex also play a major role in the personality development of individuals. Boys are more active

and assertive while girls are quieter and can be hurt more emotionally. The boys are also more adventurous.

- The Environment
The physical, social, family, cultural and school environment is major influences on personality development in individuals. Physical environment: this refers to the climatic conditions of a particular area and its effects on an individual and his way of life.

Social environment: the child is part of the society and he lives and learns in it. The society has a major influence on the type of personality he would eventually grow up with. It also includes the culture in which the individual was educated or raised.

Family environment: the family is the first environment that the child will be used to. It is here that he receives a sense of security and love from his parents and guardians. This environment also is important in determining the type of personality he would develop with. The child's experiences and training in the family will influence his personality. It is also good to know that the economic conditions of the family also affect the process of personality development. The type of relationship that exists between the both parents will also have an influence on the child.

Cultural environment: these are the traditions, ideals and norms in the society. These traditions are common to everyone in that environment. The cultural environment shapes the development pattern of an individual as well as their ideologies. They all work together in the personality development of the child.

School environment: children spend most of their time in school and this is one of the places where their personality is moulded and developed.

There are still some other social factors that can influence personality development in a child. They are:

- Language
Everyone has their own distinct communication style using language. Language is a very important too by which the society is structured and it structure passed from one generation to the other. The personality of the child is also influenced as he interacts through language with other members in that environment.

- Social role
As the child grows, he plays various roles as son, brother, student, professional, husband, father, grandfather all through his life. Through this process, his personality also grows through different levels of change.

- Self concept
This refers to the individual's perception about himself. This affects their personality development. The perception of other people about

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him also plays a role in this process.

- Identification
This occurs as the child is growing through life. He tries to imitate whoever he has taken as a model. He may decide to imitate the physical, social and mental characteristics of his model.

- Developing interpersonal relationships
This is an important way through which certain personality characteristics are developed.

- Psychological factors
Our motives, interests, attitudes, will, character and intellectual abilities are all factors that determine how we react in different situations. This also affects our personality development.

- Inner drive
Individuals that have an inner drive to succeed will always do well. The drive influences his decisions and pushes him in the direction of his dream until it is realized. This inner drive until they succeed.

- Being Goal Driven
Those who have goals to which they are committed in life are those who make headways. Individuals who have nothing they are pursuing and no goal for living rarely influence anyone. Those with a strong personality and have caught a vision and pursue it with all of their heart are the ones others follow after. They must have something definite that is ahead which keeps the passionate and focused.

- Caring for the good of all
One other factor that affects personality development in individuals is to have genuine interest in the things that affect other people's lives. Those with such nature desire the best for others, they want others to succeed like they have and this type of personality attracts people.

- Avoiding prejudices
This nature influences personality development positively. Individuals who do not judge others and give them ample opportunity to make have had their personality developed to an extent. They do not easily berate people who may have disappointed them in one way or the other.

- Using their strengths and working on their weaknesses
This influences them positively and helps in improving and enhancing the areas of their strength and helping them work on their weaknesses.

The above mentioned factors are major influences on personality and help to in its development.

How to know your Personality Type
You can know your personality type and this will help you identify the areas in your life to work on. If you have identified your personality type and start to improve it, you will experience the positive effects it will have on every area of your life.

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