Hitler Leadership Qualities

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Hitler Leadership Qualities
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Adolf Hitler was a German politician. Born on April 20th, 1889 he grew to become the Chancellor of Germany in 1933 and is regarded as a ruthless dictator who was responsible for the 2nd world war in Europe. His father was Alois Hitler and mother, Klara Polzl. Hitler grew to become the leader of the Nazi party and under his leadership, Nazi regime was responsible for the murder of over 5 million Jews and others whom they regarded as sub-human. He died through suicide with his wife Eva on 30th April, 1945.

Though, he turned out to be a controversial and ruthless dictator, he had some positive leadership qualities which also enabled him advance his ideologies and get the support of people. This article is aimed at examining some of them.

- Ability to Influence People
He had the skill of influencing the minds of his followers and was adept at using propaganda to bring the entire nation under his control. He used the media to influence the minds of people to advance his cause. He understood the power it had on people and utilized it maximally and targeted groups rather than individuals. He was knowledgeable in influencing the way people thought, acted, and behaved by using regular propaganda to get his message across and it worked very well for him. It was easy for Hitler to endear himself to people especially those who worked closely with him so much so that they could go to the extremes in order to please him. One of his closest associates

known as Joseph Goebbels committed suicide along with his wife and six children a day after Hitler died. Joseph was appointed and served as Chancellor for just one day. Hitler had such a grip on the emotions of people which made them submit easily to his whims and caprices. Hitler also had great oratory skills and was well educated. This enabled him penetrate into the minds of people to sway their minds. He used his speaking skills to appeal to the patriotic zeal of Germans by promising to free them freedom from the Treaty of Versailles. It He easily used 'trigger' words during speeches that he gave `to get the attention of the people. In his speeches, it was observed that whenever he spoke about Germany, he often words that conveyed strength and when speaking about other nations used words that signified weakness.

Hitler was also a visionary leader and because of this, he was able to influence several people. People are generally attracted to leaders who have a clear mission, vision and sense of purpose. He was able to convince others to follow his philosophy and ideas. It was also said that he was a very+ organized person and his desire to make Germany a great nation made it easier for him to influence them. His efforts to make good his promises of restoring stability and economic security to the country were a major factor responsible for his increasing sphere of influence. He took great advantage of the circumstances created by World War I and the need his people had for security. This willingness to confront the tough challenges his country was facing and his readiness to be a source of succor increased his influence. He was able to make his people feel that the world thought of them as inferior.

Hitler's persuasive skill was used in influencing the German people. It was the skill which enabled him to advance his ambition in the Nazi party and gather a lot of support to himself. His persuasive skill used the method of treating Germans as a group and not as individuals. He was of the view that "the masses had limited intelligence and had the ability to forget easily." In order to counter this, he suggested that "propaganda should be limited to very few

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points that must be harped upon in slogans until the last member of the public understands what you want him to understand from your slogan." He added that "you must endeavor not to sacrifice this slogan by attempting to focus on many other things, the effect will fade because the crowds are unable to understand or retain information adequately." He and the Nazi party consistently treated the German people as one entity with the belief that individuals are rational and think for themselves and are generally concerned for their well-being while groups are unintelligent and easy to persuade. He used this method to manipulate his people to achieve his own ambition.

The Nazi party under his watch regularly held events that required mass participation and they did not invite individuals but in groups. In this way, anyone who did not participate openly or share in the emotions of the group was easily identified and dealt with.

- Ability to understand Human Nature
He had an ability to understand how human nature works and he used it to a great advantage. Through this way, he was able to move the whole nation to follow him. He had been able to study the thought process of his people and their inclinations. This made him a very effective and intelligent leader. Any leader that will succeed must be able to understand a thing or two about the nature of man without which it would be difficult to move them to follow him.

- Ability to Strategize
A leader's ability to strategize helps them become successful in leadership. Hitler was an excellent strategist having stumbled on his father's war books which he studied dedicatedly. He prepared and set out early to fulfill his ambition. We can observe the following from his life and rise to power.

1. He strategized to take power politically and not forcefully at the beginning.
2. He transformed the Workers Party into a political party and became its Chairman.
3. He ran for election severally and eventually became Chancellor of Germany.
4. He was also a brilliant war strategist and this enabled him lead Germany to victory in most of the wars they fought.

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