Holistic Personal Development

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Holistic Personal Development
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When we talk about holistic personal development, we refer to the complete process of self-actualization. This also involves the need for the individual to take personal responsibility for their own learning and development following a process of assessment, reflection and action.

Our lives consist of four aspects and these are the: physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. If we are to live balanced and fulfilled lives, there is need to learn how to integrate these four aspects. We will go through them later in this article but first of all, let us go the few steps that help us in our holistic personal development.

Steps that will help
- Take care of what we eat
The health of our bodies should be our focus and it is important that we eat the right food. It is advised that we eat regularly and avoid snacks. Organic and fresh food is encouraged more.

- Be Respectful
Respect they say is reciprocal. In order to improve our relationships with others, we need to be objective and loving. We should also learn to communicate with others in a respectful way.

- Be Active
To have a holistic personal development, we must be ready to take action. Action speaks louder than words. In order for our goals to be achieved, we must be ready not to sit and watch but take steps towards the goal.

- Meditate
You can relax your mind by meditating. This can be done when standing, sitting

or walking.

- Self awareness
We need to discover ourselves and this is possible if we reflect on our lives, discover our strengths and weakness.

The 7 Habits and Holistic Personal Development
These seven habits were made popular by the Stephen Covey in his bestselling book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. I shall examine these habits and how they contribute to holistic personal development.

- Habit 1: Be Proactive
For you to experience complete personal development, you must learn how to be proactive and not reactive. People who are proactive take responsibility for their lives and decisions. They are accountable and very optimistic. They are positive people and take steps to move forward never afraid to breakthrough every limitation.

- Habit 2: Begin with the end in mind
Have a vision of your future. Before starting anything, picture the end in your mind. Myopic people don't go far in life. People who become successful are result oriented and these are the ones who have shaped our world today. The key to success here is to put your focus on the end which you have pictured in your mind. This will keep you going until you have achieved your desire.

- Habit 3: Put first things first
To develop your personality properly, you must be one who has learned the art of prioritizing. Successful people are those who accomplish tasks faster than others because they choose the things they need to do at any particular time. To achieve this, list out the tasks you want to accomplish and highlight those that need to be done quickly. This makes you job easier.

- Habit 4: Think Win-Win
We can win while also helping someone else win. In whatever we do, we should think of the collective good and our success can affect another person in a positive way. Successful people those whose success do not only affect them but millions of other people benefit from them.

- Habit 5: Seek to Understand First, then Be Understood
Successful people are good listeners and should strive to understand others first before wanting to be understood. Effective communication is two way. The people who are successful learn to listen and get their facts right first before speaking.

- Habit 6: Synergize
Successful people understand how to synergize. In this way, everybody contributes their skill for the benefit of all. If you desire to succeed, you should

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look for people with talents and abilities that you can synergize with.

- Habit 7: Sharpen the saw
We must take care of both the physical and spiritual aspects of our lives. We should take care of our health. To become balanced, we should take care of our mental, spiritual, emotional and physical nature.

The 4 Aspects of Holistic Personal Development
-Physical Aspect
This has to do with the physical body and includes our ability to thrive in the world. We need to learn how to take care of our bodies and develop the skills that would help us live comfortable and effectively in the world. A good physical appearance contributes to holistic personal development. Anyone who is comfortable with their physical appearance will be confident in facing the world. It is much easier to relate with the external world if you are happy with yourself. These are some simple things you can do to improve yourself: eating balanced diet and exercising helps to improve your skin. Fruits also help in maintaining the color and texture of your skin. You can also take care of dry skin by developing an effective skin care routine.

- Mental Aspect
This is the area that concerns the mind. It has to do with our intellect and thinking process and comprises also the things we are aware and unaware of. All these affect our mental state. We can develop our mind using affirmations. These strengthen our resolve to succeed. The mental aspect consists of our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and values. If we develop our minds, they can be our greatest gifts and if we don't, it can be our greatest curse. Our minds can cause us to confusion or give us profound understanding. If we develop our minds, we gather knowledge and wisdom from our life's experiences. It helps us think clearly and remain open minded.

- Emotional Aspect
This is also another valuable aspect that contributes to holistic personal development. It enables us experience life on a deeper level and helps us relate to each other and the world on the level of feeling. The emotional aspect helps us develop meaningful communication with one another. This also helps us find fulfilment in our relationships with each other.

- Spiritual Aspect
This aspect exists beyond time and space. The spirit is the part of us that can't be seen. It also needs to be nourished and it plays a role in providing us guidance in life. Our intuition is connected to our spirit.

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