How To Develop A Good Personality

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How To Develop A Good Personality
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It is possible to develop a good personality or to improve on it. The personality of an individual is not permanent and can be changed if the person is willing to do all that is necessary to bring improvements. There are lots of factors that have gone into forming a particular type of personality. Right from infancy to adulthood, individuals go through different experiences and situations that contribute to making them who they have become today. It is also important to know that we have the ability to choose the personality we want to improve on and the one we want to tolerate.


Personality is the pattern of behaviour and attributes that describe a particular individual. These attributes are distinct and makes one person to stand out from the crowd. There are simple ways by which we can develop a good personality. Below are some of the things we can do.

Building blocks of a Good Personality

- Be known for your integrity and how you treat people
Anyone can develop a good personality by upholding the right values especially integrity. It is also good to treat people with respect always and give them the benefit of doubt in all situations. Respect they say is reciprocal. The more you show respect to others, they also would respect you. These are good qualities that will help you develop a good personality and draw the attention of others to you. Honesty and truth are rare in our society today.

- Be genuinely interested in supporting others
When people know you are who has their interests at heart and as one that is willing to support them in difficult situations, your personality is greatly improved. It is good to be a source of encouragement to someone who is down or facing tough situations in life. Do all that you can to be a blessing within your capacity.

- Don't be uptight
If you have learnt to be happy with your life, people are attracted to you. If you can make someone laugh or smile when they are passing through tough situations, it endears them to your personality. There are those that are able to help others get relieved of stress and also teach them how to be grateful in every situation of life.

- Be knowledgeable
If your personality must improve, reading and the desire to learn new things must be nurtured daily. What you read and the things you are exposed to help to develop the right personality in you. It is a good idea, if you can undertake travel to other places to enable you experience new and interesting things.

- Be a good listener
Learn how to become an exceptional listener. Always be genuinely interested in what people have to say to you. This boosts your personality and attracts more people to you. Try to make people feel special and show it when they talk to you. It is a good when you make people feel special and relevant. This will draw more people to you.

- Make new friends
You can go all out on your own to meet new people. This will expose you to information about other cultures and lifestyles that are different from yours. This adds to your knowledge base and enhances how your interpersonal relationships.

- Learn how to express yourself
It is a good quality if you are proficient at expressing yourself. Developing the right communication skills will enhance how you are perceived by people. You need to talk right and pass across clear messages when you speak. The way you talk will determine how people react to you.

- Don't try to be someone else
Develop a strong belief in yourself and the inherent abilities you possess. Never try to be like another person because your strength is in your uniqueness.


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to look out for

As you start to work on developing a good personality, there are some things you must look out for.

- Negative effects of bad upbringing
The type of upbringing you had when growing up can affect you negatively. You need to forget the past and move on to develop better traits that would help enhance your personality.

- Effects of bad parenting
Bad parenting has its negative effects on people. Those who did not have much love when growing up tend to grow and become rebellious, angry and envious of others. Look out for any of these in your life that may have come as a result of this and work to correct it.

- Bad influences of friends
Your circle of friends can alter your life totally. If you had been influenced by bad company in the past, you will need to separate from such people and begin to relearn new things in order to improve your personality.

- Negative Experiences
Several individuals have allowed some bad experiences they have had take its toll on them. Women who may have been raped in the past have developed a hatred for men and never want to be in relationships. Some others may have been abused as a child and are afraid of getting married. Many people have had negative experiences in life but you do not need to allow these affect or alter our perspectives in a negative way.

- Inferiority complex
Some people suffer complexes that make them feel inferior to others. There are several things that could have led to this but we should be careful not to allow such mould our personality for life.

- Timidity
If you grew up with this negative trait, you will need to learn new ways of expressing yourself and relating with people. Learn to speak up if you are not happy and don't hide your real feelings inside. Be open and take charge of situations in your life. As you practice boldness, timidity will be removed.

- Negative attitude to life
If you grew up with a negative attitude to life, you will always be viewing things through those lenses. It is important to discard these wrong attitudes and cultivate the right attitude that will help you grow. Negative attitudes makes you see everything and everyone as your problem.

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