How To Grow Spiritually With God

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How To Grow Spiritually With God
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This topic is an interesting one that should interest all readers because it helps us understand our true identity. You know, Man is a spirit that has a soul and lives in a body. This is a truth which many have not understood well. Man is not first, a body that has a soul and spirit. It is the other way round. If this is understood, then it would be easier for people to focus on developing and building their spiritual relationship with God. God is Spirit and so is man, therefore relating with God is achieved Spirit to spirit.

Mankind is used to the things that exist in the physical and we relate well with what we see than the things that are unseen but in actual fact, the things unseen are much more real than those things which we can see. Each day, we give attention to our physical bodies and its needs. We care, cloth and feed it but little consideration, if any is given to our spirits. It should be stated that in the same way that our physical bodies desire food, so also does the spirit seek to be fed but in this case with spiritual food. I will get to this point later in the article.

God is the creator of everything and our life comes from Him. Man is not a creation of chance and neither did we evolve from apes. There is a life source and we are able to see this through all the things that exist in nature. It is therefore important for us to learn how to grow spiritually in our relationship with Him.

Important steps to take


spiritually with God comes by first of all knowing who He is and building a daily relationship with Him. We cannot understand a thing or anyone without first trying to study and establish a close relationship with the person. We cannot grow spiritually with God from a distance but we must first draw close to Him in order to know Him. There are practices and lifestyles to adopt if we would ever achieve success in this area. Spiritual growth cannot be attained if we do not make concerted efforts on our part. It is important also to note that to achieve this growth we would also need to engage our physical bodies because it is the part of us that is able to interact with the earth. The process of growing spiritually with God will be achieved using the physical body also.

There are whole lot of practises that can help us advance in our journey of spiritual growth. Growing spiritually with God cannot be achieved in a day and should be a life-long experience because we would be unable to learn all there is about God within the short span of our lives on earth. These practices include:

Study of the Bible

The bible is the Word of God that was passed down to mankind to help us understand the laws of God. It contains important information that would build our spirits and strengthen us on the journey of spiritual growth. The bible is full of historical facts about the creation of the world and various accounts that would provide us with adequate knowledge of the past, present and future. It does not only tell us of things that happened but it is also a prophetic book which foretells things to come. In the same way that food is needed for the body to grow and function efficiently, our spirits need the word of God to function well. Without it, our spirits can become malnourished. Growing spiritually with God is possible when you create time to read and study the bible.

The bible is made up of two main sections: the old and new testaments. It also contains numerous books within it to help give you better understanding about God. In the bible, we are able to learn and know God better. It is the writings

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of holy men who were inspired by the Spirit of God.

Communion with Him

Another way that helps us in growing spiritually with God is prayer. Prayer is described as having communion with God. This is when you talk to God and He talks back to you in your spirit. You can hear His voice if you pay attention quietly. Many of us are noisy both on the outside and in our inner man therefore we are distracted and cannot hear Him when He tries to talk to us. The practise of praying helps to quieten us so that we can talk to Him and also hear what He says to us.


When I talk about meditation, I mean a state where you are able to quieten your mind to relax and receive inspiration from God. Our minds are always busy and it is difficult for many to meditate. Meditation is not thinking as some suppose; it is when we allow our minds to relax. This helps to take off stress from us and bring inspiration to our lives.

Loving one another

God is love and Love is God. So anyone who wants to grow spiritually with God must learn how to show love to God and his fellow men. Love is shown and expressed. It is impossible to truly love and not express it.

Giving to those in need

We can also grow spiritually in our relationship with God by showing care to people that are in one need or the other. When we say that we love others, it must be expressed in our giving.

Honouring our parents

Another thing we should learn to do as it would impact our spiritual growth with God positively is to learn how to honour our parents. When we honour our parents, we are simply obeying the word of God.

Living a Holy Life

God is Holy and desires that anyone that wants to walk with Him should live a holy life. Holiness is purity and freedom from every form of uncleanness. Learn to live a holy and pure life so that you can grow spiritually with God.

These are time tested truths and would help you in journey with God. You will easily attain spiritual growth faster by applying these things.

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