How To Grow Spiritually With Your Boyfriend

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How To Grow Spiritually With Your Boyfriend
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In this article, I will be examining the importance of growing spiritually with your boyfriend. Growing up spiritually is an experience that each one of us should have. This would help us excel and live fruitful lives. In our personal relationships, it is important that we also reflect and pursue spiritual growth ourselves and in the lives of our partners. There would always be a void in our spirits when we do not give attention to the needs of our spirits and keep focusing on satisfying the flesh.

Your relationship with your boyfriend would be frustrating and difficult if your attention is only focused on physical attributes. We all do experience emptiness when we overlook the spiritual aspects of our lives so you must develop ways and means to help your boyfriend achieve growth spiritually. This would help to strengthen the relationship and give it a strong foundation. It brings a deeper bond between both of you which is long lasting than when your focus is on the physical. You will experience peace of mind, happiness, deep satisfaction and fulfilment with your boyfriend when your spirits are alive and revived. There would always be strife, quarrels and total dissatisfaction when the spiritual is overlooked.

In the same way that you can develop yourselves physically by practising certain habits, we can also grow spiritually by doing things a certain way. You need to also remember that growing spiritually takes time and a process. It does not

happen overnight but as long as you keep developing and practising the right habits, it will surely happen with time. Here are a list of things that you can put in motion to achieve this with your boyfriend.

Discuss emotional and personal problems together

To grow spiritually with your boyfriend, I would suggest that both of you should spend quality time together to discuss any emotional and personal problems that causes you heartache. These emotional problems bring hindrances to spiritual growth. These may be lifestyle issues and weaknesses that impede progress and fulfilment in life. Make time out to talk about them as this will create room for improvements and ease stress. Without a conducive environment, it will be a bit difficult for much spiritual progress to be made.

Study and discuss the bible together

The bible contains the Word of God which helps us to grow spiritually. It is important for you and your boyfriend to spend time in studying and discussing it if you desire growth in your spirits. Without it, your spiritual walk will be stunted and defective. Spend quality time identifying good lessons from the bible that will help you in life. Apart from studying it, make decisions to apply it to your lives and be accountable to one another. This would help both of you very much. Without the Word of God, your spirits would be dry and worn out. It is spiritual food and you need to read it every day. You can develop a programme for daily bible reading where you can alternate from book to the other. The other important thing to do which would help you retain much of what you read is to meditate deeply. Only reading it may not suffice but taking time to think on the words and allowing them settle in your spirits will produce great results.

The bible is said to have been inspired by the Holy Spirit through mortal men. There are several books in it that will teach you all that you need to know about God.

Pray or teach them together

Prayer is a powerful tool that helps us build our relationship with God. In order to build a strong spiritual life with

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your boyfriend, you should learn to pray together. If your boyfriend does not know how to pray and you do, help him learn how. Prayer helps our spirits become strong. It connects us with the Spirit of God and strengthens our desire to grow spiritually. Without prayer, we become weak and are unable to grow. After studying the bible, you should also schedule time together to pray. Make it a daily habit that you cultivate with your boyfriend.

Encourage him to attend church

If you desire to grow spiritually with your boyfriend, you will need to encourage him to attend church with people of like minds. Church is an environment where you can be helped and taught important principles that would build your spirits. You should both make attendance in church a priority as this will help in no small measure to birth growth spiritually. It has been observed that the more you fellowship with people who have the same goal as you, it become easier for you to attain to what you are seeking. Identify a bible-believing fellowship that teaches the truth and learn all that you can.

Teach and help him to show love to others

You should live an exemplary life that your boyfriend can emulate. This can be done by showing love to others. Love is expressed when we care for and give to others. Without love, our claim to spiritual growth will be farce. You can plan and organize visits to the homeless, orphans and those that are in prison.

Live a holy life

Another way that you can help your boyfriend grow spiritually is by living a life of purity. You should be an example to him and this will help him in doing the same. Holy living is staying away from all forms of impurity and living a clean, pure life. Your positive lifestyle can be a great message to him and others who are looking up to you. Spiritual growth demands responsibility from everyone that is serious about achieving it. There is a price to pay to attain this. Holiness is an attribute of God and it would help you fellowship with Him. A life of holiness would bring blessings and fruitfulness so you see that it is a very important issue.

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