How To Improve Personality Development Skills

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How To Improve Personality Development Skills
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Our personality has to do with how we think, feel, act or behave. A lot of things affect how our personality has developed through the years and some of these influences come from the home, school and work environment. A combination of all those factors and the influences they have had on us help create who we are today.

There are several personality development skills that we possess and have developed over the years. It is important that we improve on them regularly if we want them to become a part of us. Here are some of the ways that we can improve these skills.

1. Improving your persuasive skills

Persuasion simply means the ability to convince someone to act. It is an interesting and good part of personality that can give you an edge over others and also help succeed in certain professions and occupation. It is not an in-born skill that we have but is learnt by study and observation. To be successful in this area, practice is very important and it grows over a period of time. It is not everyone that knows how to convince others to do something or to take a step in a particular direction. In almost every setting in life, we see this skill in display in some individuals. Sales people, politicians, religious people, teachers all try in one way or the other to persuade us into action. If you desire to improve or enhance this skill in your life, the first thing you should do is to be knowledgeable about what you are talking about. You

must understand it properly in order to be able to convince someone else. It is not just about having a surface knowledge because without adequate understanding of the subject, you would not be convincing enough. To be able to persuade, you must also make your audience like you so you would need to focus on creating this feeling in your prospect. To improve your persuasive skills, learn to always understand and study the needs and circumstances of your prospect and use that in planning your approach. You should also understand what it is you intend to achieve right from the beginning. Your goals must clear. If you want to improve your persuasive skills, you should also focus on improving the level of credibility you have in various circles. This you can do by building more positive traits around your personality. Another way to improve on this is to learn how to appeal to the emotions of your potential clients. This can be achieved by showing them how your solution is the best option. You can also improve your ability to persuade by learning how to handle opposing views to your proposal.

2. Improving your leadership skills

Some individuals have grown to have leadership abilities and have shown that this right from childhood. At a very young age, you can see children who began to exhibit leadership among their peers. They always showed their desire to lead the way and this has become part of their personality over the years. Most children who develop this type of personality grew up in a loving and caring environment. There are also other children who have personality disorders and are even unable of leading themselves because of hostile environment they may have been exposed to early in life. To improve on this skill, you should strive to know more because leaders are 'knowers'. Most times, those who know more, lead the way. You will need to increase in knowledge and this can be done by exposing yourself to information in your chosen field or career. Another thing that will help with this is your ability to relate with others. You should also learn what it takes to make sound and good decisions, by inspiring others, by being goal-oriented. An individual who has this skill would be able to lead in whatever situation they find themselves. Other ways of improving this type of personality is to maintain amiable and friendly demeanour, to read widely and be selfless.


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Improving your reading abilities and level of intelligence

There are children who at an age began to show signs of intelligence and interest in reading that some of their peers. They also continued exhibiting these traits as they grew up and have gradually made this a part of their personality today. To maintain this, effort and commitment is required. The ability to read and understand is very important. To improve these abilities, individuals should look out to develop good reading methods that would arouse and activate their interests and curiosity. The SQRR (survey, question, read, recite and review) helps in this regard. This helps to improve concentration and understanding of what is being read. It also important for individuals to know how to use what they learn in their daily living.

4. Improving your conflict resolution skills

There are several factors that affect our personality. One of the major influencers is the home environment. Children who were not able to handle criticism or rejection at an early stage find it difficult to manage relationships well as they grow older. They sometimes react negatively or violently when there is conflict. Having the ability to resolve issues easily and in a matured manner is something that is learnt over time. As we know, every relationship has the tendency to create conflicts but it should not always lead to hate. It is important that conflicts are resolved with both parties still in good terms. Every individual has their own unique way of handling conflict. Understanding your own style and motive as well that of the other party would help in handling the situation. People try to avoid conflicts using these methods: they avoid it, some give in, some blame the other party, some seek a compromise while others explore to creative approaches to resolve them. If you are one who has the personality that is able to resolve conflicts easily, you can still improve on this skill by: always having the right frame of mind, be empathic with other party, gather all the relevant information you need and try to come up with a plan, learn how to negotiate your differences with the other party.

There is no end to improvement in life and these personality development skills can be improved upon as you rise in life. They would always be useful to help whether in your relationships, business, academics or career.

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