How to Become a Personal Development Coach

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How to Become a Personal Development Coach
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If you have decided to become a personal development coach, there are certain things you should put in place first to enable you achieve your dream. The personal development industry has great potential and there are a lot of opportunities for coaches and trainers. Personal development coaching is relatively a new area of learning and development and it is growing as many people are coming into it. A personal development coach is one who provides support, guidance and assistance to individuals to bring about personal fulfilment in career, business, relationships or life in general. It is a viable career which has attracted so many people with different background and training.

A personal development coach can be referred to as a 'life coach' or 'personal coach.'

Functions of a Personal Development Coach
1. A personal development coach helps to bring out the potentials inside an individual.
2. He helps to develop the skills and attributes that would help in the individual's personal development.
3. He shows by example the skills, attributes and attitudes required for effective personal development.
4. He enables people see the need to take charge of their lives.
5. He helps individuals learn how to understand their strengths and how to use these to achieve their personal development goals.
6. He enables individuals to learn how to develop their vision and goals in life.
7. He will help the individuals

love themselves and learn how to develop self confidence and a winning mindset.
8. He will help them develop the right approach to managing their relationships.
9. He will show them the importance of cultivating the right mindset.
10. He will guide them into the paths of success in life, relationships, business or career.
11. He will them develop the right attitudes, attributes and skills that will bring about increased income.
12. He will teach them how to self-motivate themselves in difficult times.
13. He will guide them on the journey of personal development in life in order to reduce the stress and anxiety that arise from challenges.

Reasons why people become Personal Development Coaches
There are several reasons why someone may desire to become a personal development coach. I will list a few of them here:

1. A desire to help others develop properly.
2. They like people and want to contribute to the personal development of people.
3. They are inspired to become personal development coaches.
4. They want to build a career as coaches.
5. They are motivated to succeed and want to motivate others.
6. They just want to help someone find his way in life and succeed.
7. It gives them a sense of fulfilment.
8. It provides financial and personal freedom for them.
9. They have the relevant skills to function in this field.
10. It also helps them learn new things also.
11. It provides them with employment and they can choose their own working hours.
12. It provides them opportunities also to grow personally.
13. They are able to enhance any job-role in any organisation as their services will bring out the best in people.
14. They want to be a part of the success story of others.
15. They possess the ability to make people make lasting positive changes in their lives.

Challenges that a Personal Development Coach faces
1. The unwillingness of people to listen carefully to instructions and advice from coaches. People want to do things their way even after engaging a personal development coach to assist.
2. They desire to give advice to people instead of allowing them try to find their own direction and solution to challenges.
3. Another challenge is the ability of hearers to communicate effectively with the trainer or coach.
4. The need to understand what the client's goals

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are as this is important to enable us develop a plan.

Roles of a Personal Development Coach
The need for a personal development coach is increasing in most spheres of human endeavour. There is an increasing demand for such professionals to help in relationships, career, business and organizations. They are needed in the religious circles, financial circles, family, corporate circles and business circles.

There is a need for qualified professionals to consider building a career in this area as the demand is increasing.

Qualities of a Personal Development Coach
Ability to pay attention carefully
The coach should be one who listens more than he talks. By listening to what his clients say, he would be able to assist them overcome their fears; offer them undivided attention and support. Listening should be practices regularly as this will help you greatly as a personal development coach.

Effective communication skills
The coach should be clear in his communication with clients. Communication should be done without negativity, bias or barriers. You should communicate with clients without making any form of judgmental statements.

Ability to build rapports
The ability of the coach to develop a rapport with the clients is important. It makes it easier to relate with the clients.

Skill to motivate and inspire
A personal development coach should be able to motivate and inspire people. These qualities are within us as human beings. The coach must be able to awaken dead dreams and visions in his clients and show them how to accomplish them easily.

Curiosity and Courage
Just as the needs of people are different so also are the coaching patterns to be used. The coach needs to have enough confidence in himself and also be courageous enough to help people achieve their goals.

Some Principles you can apply as a Personal Development Coach
- Listening is always more important than talking
- As a coach you should understand what motivates people
- Everyone can do better if there is a helping hand
- An individual's past is no indication of their future
- People are limited only by their beliefs
- A coach must give himself completely to his students and provide them support
- Do not criticize people when coaching
- Coaching should be confidential

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