How to Develop Leadership Skills in Students

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How to Develop Leadership Skills in Students
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Students need to develop leadership skills to excel during their time in school and to enable them face the challenges of life after school. Schools and higher institutions can also focus on developing these skills in their students by providing them with real life opportunities to practice. There are various programmes which could be put in place to empower students and enable them sharpen their leadership skills. It is very important that school authorities develop platforms that would help students inculcate these skills.

Developing Leadership Skills in Students

Some of the ways this could be achieved include:

- Students can develop these skills by learning from other leaders whom they admire. These leaders may be those who are within or outside their circles. They can also get any information they need from sources such as the internet, libraries, etc. From these different sources, they can learn more about their leadership styles. They can decide to pattern their own lives after these leaders they admire.

- Develop initiatives that affect the lives of students and community: Students who are passionate about bringing change and improvement to the lives of students and the community are positioning themselves as potential leaders. There are several initiatives they can come up with to bring change and development in the environment. In this process they develop decision making skills and confidence in leading others.

- Students

can vie for leadership positions in Student Union bodies as Presidents or any other seat. This will give them opportunity to improve their communication abilities and help them develop good listening skills. They can also search for other opportunities for leadership such as in the sports team or other extracurricular groups. Students can develop their skills in leadership by assuming the lead whenever an opportunity arises.

- Students can develop time management skills while in school by organizing their school work and completing assignments in a timely and organized way. They learn how to prioritize their work and become proficient in managing their time. In this way long after they have left school, they will still reap the benefits of the skills acquired.

- Students can also develop problem solving skills by delving into new areas that may put them in uncomfortable situations. This will prepare them for life outside school where they would be faced with diverse challenges and would be required to proffer solutions. Problem solving is a skill that leaders should possess as this enables them resolve challenging situations and conflicts in the workplace.

- Students can also develop good communication skills by discussing with their teachers in a private setting. This skill will help them to carry on conversation in the workplace as they have learnt to ask questions properly, listen patiently and maintain proper eye contact. It is an important leadership skill.

- Students can also position themselves for leadership by developing a clear vision for their lives during and after school. They need to understand what their vision, mission and goals are so that they have a clear path that leads to its actualization. They can show this trait from the plans and programmes that they are able draw up for the student unions or other groups that they belong to. Their vision need to be detailed and show its benefit to their team.

- Potential leaders should be able to identify and use their strengths and the inborn leadership gift they have. When these strengths are identified and utilized, they help in preparing students for leadership.

- Students exhibit these skills by being able to think strategically. This would position them for leadership and to become productive and useful in society and even in the school environment.

- Students also exhibit leadership skills when they show that they have foresight

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and are prepared for any eventualities that may arise. In various capacities in which they may serve in school, they can use this skill to plan and follow through plans and programmes. It would also help them excel in their academic work.

- Students also can show leadership abilities by learning how to weigh various options and make the right decisions. This helps them focus on their academic work and not get involved with bad friends and groups.

How Leadership skills help students after school

Leadership skills are beneficial to every individual especially students during and after their time in school. Some of the benefits include:

1. It helps in improving their resume: students who have experience in leadership positions in school sometimes have the advantage because potential employers see them as having the requirements to function in similar positions.

2. Students that have skills in leadership are recognized and get offered opportunities to lead in student bodies or faculty committees. They may also be recommended for awards and commendations which would improve their resumes.

3. Students who have these skills also have opportunities that help them in discovering some innate talents which they have. Sometimes, it is through doing that they can learn new things about themselves.

4. The things which students have learnt about problem solving in school enables them perform excellently when they graduate. It trains them to handle responsibilities in their career and life in general.

5. Self confidence is one of the major benefits that students derive from the leadership skills they have learn. There are a lot of challenges that we face in life and the workplace, without confidence, it would be difficult to handle and overcome them.

6. Students also develop excellent communication skills as they have been exposed to several opportunities to speak in public during the school days. This skill would be useful also in the workplace.

7. Students have good negotiation skills as they learnt how to handle conflicts when they served in various leadership positions in school. This skill will position them for good positions in their career and will give them an edge over others.

8. They have also learnt networking and management skills during the time they spent in school. This would enable them get considered before others who don't have these skills.

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