How to Develop my Personality

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How to Develop my Personality
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You can develop your personality by yourself but you need to know that it would take time and commitment before things change completely. We have had experiences that have shaped our lives and the way we react to issues. We also have been influenced by friends and all these would not change overnight. The most important thing is first of all to make the decision to enhance our personality to become better people.

It may be tough for those who have acquired a lot of negative thought patterns and perhaps had some bitter experiences from the past but as long as we are committed to it, it is possible. As we grow older, our personality development evolves through the various stages of our life and there are habits that we sometimes decide to let go off in order to pick up new and better ones. The point I want to make is that it is possible to develop a new nature or should I say a new personality as long as you are committed to it. There are things to do to develop a better personality and help to enhance your desire to become better and more productive. I shall discuss these below.

Things you should do

1. If you did not know how to communicate properly, it is important that you begin to learn how to communicate better with others. You will need to understand that the words we speak are powerful and have an effect on how people perceive us, so you will need to pay more attention to how you pass words across to people. Your words

should be more courteous and polite and remember that wrong words can hurt people. This does not mean you would not correct people but the approach you adopt should not be rude or impolite. When this changes, you have started developing a better personality that people will feel comfortable staying close to you.

2. Another major thing you will need to work on is your mindset. The wrong thoughts make us do wrong things. If we think right, our friends will be right and the decisions will make would be better. Our thoughts do attract the wrong people and situations into our lives. Good thoughts lift both ourselves and those that are around us. Cultivating the right mindset will also help you develop a good personality that would draw others to seek your opinion on several issues.

3. An aspect of your life that would help transform your personality and attract people to you is improving on your reading abilities. When you read, you become more enlightened about issues. Your knowledge base expands and enables you to talk like an authority when you speak. You can choose to read in order to improve your speech or to learn more about other places in the world. Knowledge is power and when you possess it, people would like to associate with you so that they can learn new things.

4. Honesty is a good personality trait that attracts people to you and makes it possible for them to enter into business deals with you without any fear or restraint. You can decide to be honest in everything you do with people and to value integrity above anything else. You may not know, but people who have encountered you will recommend you to other because they have come to trust you. This trait will open doors for you beyond your imagination.

5. Developing a sense of humour will help you to become more relaxed even when under pressure. If you had been one who found it difficult to concentrate in the face of difficulties or challenges, this new personality will help you to relax better. People will notice the difference in you and that calmness will radiate. Those who knew

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you before will clearly see that there is something new about you.

6. Develop new passion for your career, business or maybe a relationship. Passion radiates. It drives people to fulfil things that seem impossible. When you are passionate, nothing is tough to handle. Perhaps, you had lost your interest in pursuing the goals you had set for your business or career. You may have given up on that relationship because things had become routine. I advise that you develop a new spirit of passion and you will be amazed at the new person you will become.

7. Stay confident and bold when pursuing the goals you have set for your life. It is required if you must make progress. Confidence will help in the development of a strong and bold personality that draws people. Never be scared to take a step in the direction of your dream and try to always stay focused on it. Confidence will help you stay on when others are running off. This will make you become a symbol of strength to people that meet you. At this point, I also would like to add that you should not look down on yourself, be confident of yourself in every situation. Confidence is different from cockiness. It attracts while cockiness repulses people.

8. Begin to develop the necessary leadership qualities that you need in that career or business that you own. If you used to be unable to make the right decisions, start now to learn all that is needed to be a good leader. Your followers will see this new personality in you as you begin to put into practice all that you have learned.

9. Learn to dress properly. In as much as who you are on the inside is important, I will not fail to say that your outward appearance also give an impression to the people you meet. People most times address us they we are dressed so we should also pay attention to our outward appearance. Our confidence levels are also boosted when we dress properly.

If you begin to apply some or all of the points suggested above, you will develop a good personality that will change your life for good and inspire others.

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