How to improve personality development

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How to improve personality development
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There are various ways to improve one's personality. And they are vital & important. Constant improvement is necessary to out perform in today's competitive edge.

One needs to find out where he's lacking behind. Acceptance of one's own lacking is the biggest sign of an improving personality. But finding other's faults is against a good personality, one should completely deprive of it.

once one comes down to know where he's lacking, one should find out all the reasons and causes behind it. And, immediately start to improve one self in that particular area. As the personality improves gradually and not over night, one should not expect miracles. The read personality improvement starts when one stops looking for others faults and focuses on his own and firmly resolves to really improve them.

Inner will is necessary. None else can improve anybody's personality except him self.

We learn in many ways. In fact, we like to learn in our own ways. The way we like it. Some are good listeners, some are good micro observers, some are good readers and so on. Some are good experiencers, they learn by experiencing. Some experiences how ever may prove to be very costly. Some are good discussers they learn by discussing. One needs to find out the proper way of improving one's self.

Personality development is required in every stages and aspects of life. Whether you are attending parties or are in a business meeting. Or you are

in a social gathering like marriage functions. One can learn by watching and observing also. One can learn by faking also. " Fake it till you make it",if you ever heard of it. Reading self help books is another way of developing one's personality. Also columns are published in to the local dailies, or weeklies. Attending seminars of self improvement and personality development may really prove to be effective. All these are good investment. Remember, "Money invested on Brain is never wasted."

Please also read my post, Personal Development Objectives examples to know more on learning on this topic.

Wearing nice clothes isn't enough. The speech matters. The body language matters. The eye and vocal matters. And most importantly the mentality matters. The attitude.

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You could say.

Personality development is a slow process of evolution and constant learning.

After learning to dress nicely, one needs to practice proper dressings at various social and business settings. Practice is important and necessary. Re-observation is required. Observation through third person is required. One needs to ask his/her bestie how one looked, behaved or talked, where he did some mistake, where he needs to improve. Take frequent, reviews from them and make improvements wherever possible & needed.

Personality development includes:

Table Manners, Party Manners, Body Language, Office etiquettes, Cell phone etiquettes, and many more.

Regular practice, constant observation and frequent improvement can lead one to a better personality.

By Jagdish Mandavia
(iSynergy Institute Of English,Rajkot)

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