How to improve personality

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How to improve personality
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Improving personality is very easy job but needs consistency. First comes the company. One needs to keep in touch with successful people with good personality. As we learn a lot by observing, seeing, watching and noticing. Many times it is simply copying and pasting. But not blindly, as one may become neglect matter of fun at. One might be laughed at. So be cautious.

Very first comes the physical outer appearance. Proper hair style according to place and purpose should be worn.

Proper sort of perfumes or deo should be worn must not be too strong. Should be according to time, place and purpose. If you are a student then be aware of the dressings. For a corporate typhoon the dress code is different like suit & tie, office wear clothes, black shoes. must be well polished. The face must be polished i.e., clean shaven for the guys.

For girls & females again respectful clothings should be worn. Respect your customs, religion, traditions and national and local costumes. One may enjoy freedom but not outrageously. Respect your cultural dress code. Be your self.

Reading motivational books is important. Daily make it a habit to read good books. A good book is an investment. And money invested on brain is never wasted. Sooner or later it pays. Not only the money invested but the time invested on Reading good inspirational books pays. Also time and money invested to improve one's personality pays. Sooner or later it pays. In huge returns.


must be followed, being a good personality. Business ethics, social ethics, human ethics, should be followed. A personality without ethics is not possible. One must keep the given promises.

By watching movies, listening to audio tapes, reading books, and articles such like this, also personality can be improved. Watching western movies will aid up in your personality. It definitely helps improve one's personality but blind following or blind imitation should be avoided. One needs to understand movies, thoroughly along with stories and dialogues as it will help one speak with a style, behave in a particular way and make that out standing long lasting impression on the opposite person. But completely blind following should be averted.

Remember, reading books is even taller than watching movies.

Good moral stories should be read from history, science, spiritual and religious supplementary books. In Hinduism, we have got several character and moral building spiritual chapters of great heroes like that Hanuman, Prahlad, Krushna, Eklavya, Arjuna, and many more. Such books definitely helps the growing brains of toddlers develop their personality and moral.

Early reading is suggestible. Especially for the growing children. Comics books should be avoided as the ready pictures do not aid in boosting the imagination power of the students. The books without pictures should be read. It would enhance the visualization power and imagination power of the student through words.

Mind games, motivational games, quiz contests, Question Answer system should be considered for early childhood personality development.

Physical exercises are a must for

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a impressive physique. Body must be energetic. Energetic and healthy body gives you confidence. It also helps you learn new things easily. People prefer energetic people,vital and lively people. Nobody prefers being with a sadistic person. They steal your energy and make your moral down. They, being unrealistic and unsuccessful make you the some too. Avoid the company of such people. Drastically avoid.

Instead keep company of successful people. Energetic people. Lively people. People with sporty attitude. One needs to be in constant submission with such people. Because a man becomes what his company is.

Value education on early childhood is highly recommended. Character and moral building stories, seminars, shivirs, residential shivirs in the Ashrams, mosques and churches or gurudwara will surely build child's character. And the child is sure to become a great personality in future. Depends which guru's ashram, mosque or church he's being taken at.

If your parents have some how missed your childhood character building, the for teenagers and youth, even for married couple also such shivirs are there. Simply participate. In fact, to same marriages or families also such seminars and functions will help a lot.

Personality development is constant part of life. One should be a life time student. One should be ready to learn, relearn and unlearn and then relearn again if the situation calls for it. One should be teachable, open minded and receptive. Knowledge and wisdom cannot be passed through the guru, the teacher to you unless you are completely open, receptive and ready to learn.

By Jagdish Mandavia
(iSynergy Institute Of English,Rajkot)

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