Importance Of Personality Development In Hospitality Industry

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Importance Of Personality Development In Hospitality Industry
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Personality development as we all know is a very important subject that affects every sphere of human endeavor. It contributes to the success or failure of everything which involves human beings. In building relationships in the family, business, career, the type of personality we possess matters a lot. The hospitality industry has a lot to do with taking care of the needs of the public and it is important for all those who work or do business in the sector to focus on building the right personality that would enable them succeed there. Without this, it would lead to failure and dissatisfaction of customers.

It is an all important subject and defines the processes that individuals go through to develop certain attitudes, attributes or behavior which are unique to them. of course, there are a lot of factors that contribute to our personalities such as family upbringing, home and school environment, peer influences, personal experiences, etc. Everyone has his or her own experiences in life that influence their views about the world and the way in which they perceive things around them. Personality development of their staff is an area that operators in the hospitality industry should not just pay lip service to because it would contribute to the success or failure of the business.

How it affects the hospitality Industry
The hospital industry deals with the public which of course is made up of human beings and the way they are treated

matters a great deal and determines if the business will succeed or not. Let us examine some of the key personality traits that are of importance as it relates to the industry.

1. Good communicators
As I have mentioned severally above, employees in the hospitality industry are always going to be in contact with people. The customers of the business need to be taken care of properly so it is necessary for those who would be serving them to possess very excellent communication skills. They must be able to communicate and give information to customers whenever they demand such. This requires patience and they should ensure that their communication is clear and specific so that customer understands what is being said. This should also be passed across courteously and not in an impolite manner. The customer is king and must be treated as such. Employees who have this skill should be encouraged and put at the front desks to interface with the customer. They should be trained on how to provide good service. Communication is only complete when both parties are able to talk and listen carefully to each other. When one side is doing all the talking, communication is incomplete. The employee should be able to listen to the complaints and enquiries of the customer and ensure that they are handled as quickly as possible. Time is of the essence when working in hospitality industry as customers do not have a lot of time to waste and there are a lot of competitors in the industry who can do anything to attract people to their own business.

2. Compassion
Employees in the hospitality industry must be people who are kind and empathetic about the difficulties others face. They should be tender hearted and willing to provide solutions to the problems their clients present to them without complaining or murmuring. This trait would enable them to smile even when the customer is difficult to handle and enables them to always be willing to lend a helping hand. Without this trait, their contribution to the growth of the business would not be felt. This also gives the customer a sense of belonging and acceptance. It makes the difference in the mind of those patronizing the business and can actually help build a network of repeat

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customers. This is lacking in most of the businesses that operate in the industry so those who focus on delighting the customer would not lack regular patronage. The employee would always be willing to provide whatever support the client needs and would go the extra mile to achieve this.

3. Good dressing and Inner Beauty
We know that the way we are dressed determines how we are addressed at times. This is also a trait that distinguishes an employee in the hospital industry. Their dressing should always be neat and smart as this gives the business a good impression in the minds of the customer. Employees who are attractive in looks and dressing also exude confidence as they relate with those that patronize them. This trait of confidence is also good for the business because when they like themselves, other people will also like them. Employees with inner beauty are usually calm, optimistic, serene in their demeanor and this relaxes the customer. Good posture tells a lot about an individual. The owners of businesses in the industry should encourage their employees to dress well and develop themselves from inside out.

What employees can do to improve their Personality
- They should learn to communicate properly as this is a key factor in building a customer base for the business in the hospitality industry. This can be done by undergoing training on how to communicate better. They may decide to learn how to speak better or how to improve their posture when talking with customers. They may also decide to attend public speaking courses which would help them in this area.

- Employees in the hospitality industry should be knowledgeable. It is important for them to read more about their industry to enable them learn and develop the requisite skills that would help them. There is no one that knows it all so in order to become better equipped and skilled in their job, they can get the relevant materials and books that relate to the industry.

- They can also consider improving their temperament if they are impatient with people. This is very important because employees come in contact with all types of people and should know how to exercise restraint no matter how much they are provoked.

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