Kim Jong Un Leadership Qualities

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Kim Jong Un Leadership Qualities
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Kim Jong Un is the Supreme Leader of North Korea who took over from his late father, Kim Jong II. His date of birth has been controversial as there are at least four different records but he is about 33 years of age. He became the leader of his country on December 28, 2011 after the state funeral in the honor of his late father. Kim Jong Un is the second child in the family and the preferred successor of his father. He was promoted to the rank of Marshal of North Korea in the Korean People's Army in 2012 and also obtained a degree in Physics from Kim II-sung University. He is accused of ordering the assassination of his half brother, Kim Jong-nam in February 2017.

Kim Jong Un is seen as a dictator who has ruled his people with strong arm tactics over the years. In fact, it is said that his father chose him over his elder brother because he seemed tougher. By his policies he has continued to alienate his country from other nations especially in the last few years, he has been bent on establishing a nuclear weapons arsenal which he says is primarily to be used for self defence. In recent months, there have been a heightened tensions in the region and he and the President of the United States, Donald Trump have been exchanging words almost on a daily basis. There are indeed, fears in various quarters that there may be an outbreak of war in the Korean peninsula and possible nuclear attack on the U.S. mainland. The United States has mobilized military equipment and

manpower to the region to neutralize any attacks that may take place its key allies in the region such as South Korea and Japan. This has still not made Kim Jong Un to let up his ballistic missiles launch and tests.

My focus is to identify on some leadership qualities that Kim Jong Un possesses that has made him popular among his countrymen. Obviously, he is a strong willed individual and this has kept him in control of the country over the years. He has been able to stand against threats from real or perceived enemies of his country. He rarely ever cowers to any one and tries to always show boldness no matter the situation his country is passing through. He is indeed a bold and courageous leader who in spite of the numerous sanctions put in place against his regime, he has continued to pursue his agenda of building a nuclear arsenal for North Korea. A leader who is not bold or courageous would not be able to withstand pressure when it comes. He can be described as a man on a mission. One of the clear objectives of his regime is to develop and improve the military strength of North Korea and he is on his way to achieving that goal. In the last few years, he has pursued this goal more vigorously than his predecessors and analysts say that he is very close to achieving it. He has made it clear that his country has been faced with threats from other countries for so many years and without their ability to have the weaponry to defend themselves, North Korea could be destroyed by its enemies. He has sold this idea to his people who now view the West as a major enemy and are in support of their leader, Kim Kong Un's vision. He has also invested so much money and manpower to achieve his goal and has shown that he will in the shortest possible time. Another leadership quality he exhibits is the power to persuade his people to believe and accept whatever he puts in front of them. Though, there have been accusations against him of carrying out executions and silencing voices of opposition, he has been able to get majority of

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North Koreans to accept his views on a whole lot of things. He has created an image for his people and they believe in him completely. They believe his words, vision and in fact everything he says. You will have to give to him that he has persuasive abilities. Kim Jong Un is also seen to be a focused individual such that whatever he has set his mind to achieve, whether good or bad, he keeps going until he has achieved it. Focus is a great leadership quality and the more a leader knows or seems to know where he is headed, more people are likely to believe in him. A leader must be sure of himself or else those following him will not believe in him. Staying focused and on course is a quality that he has and it is one of the keys to the stability he has enjoyed. He is also a confident person. Leaders must exude confidence in words, actions and deeds. Without confidence, a leader would not be able to influence others. He believes in himself and this makes others to believe in Him. Sometimes, people mistake a leader's confidence as arrogance. This is because there are not too many people who are sure of themselves out there. Kim Jong Un is a confident individual who carries an aura around himself and he has a lot of influence over his people.

Another area that I have noted about Kim Jong Un is that he rewards those in his team that achieve the goals he has set out to achieve. Over the years, he has promoted several of his military officers, scientists and researchers that have developed innovative ideas which have increased the capabilities of the North Korean military. He celebrates their achievements even on national television and never hides it from the public. This singular act makes his people committed to doing more. He has also made clear all of his goals and vision for the country. Clarity is important if a leader will succeed with certain policies. Kim Jong Un vision to make North Korea one of the world superpowers has not been ambiguous; he has laid it all out and pursued it with everything at his disposal.

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