Leadership Development For College Students

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Leadership Development For College Students
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Leadership development is for everyone and college students can develop themselves if they start early in this area. Every individual has the potential of being a great leader but only those who consciously work towards becoming one will achieve it. There are certain qualities and characteristics that help to single out an individual for leadership and all of these can be built over time. Leaders are not born but made so it is possible for college students to develop the leader inside them and impact positively on the society at large. I will be examining some of the requirements for leadership development that are necessary for college students.

1. Willingness to Lead
An unwilling individual will never make a good leader. For a college student to become an individual who can influence others tomorrow, they must first of all be willing to cultivate the requisite skills that leaders are made of. Without this, there nothing can be done. There must also be signs to show that the individual is interested and indeed can function as a leader. In the college, they should be involved in certain activities or projects that would help build this skill in them.

2. Courage
Any individual who desires to become a leader of others tomorrow must develop a courageous heart. Leadership is not an easy task but requires doggedness and a strong heart. Courage is an important leadership quality which enables an individual take risks in difficult

situations. It enables a leader to be ready to face tough challenges with the hope that all will turn out right. A leader should have the courage to try out new ideas, even at the risk of failing and he must realize that without venturing out, the chances of success are slim. Successful leaders are those who are daring and bold. Without it, no individual can excel as a leader. This is a quality which everyone in leadership needs to succeed.

3. Ability to take Responsibility
College students should learn how to take responsibility for their actions at all times. Those who are interested in becoming leaders tomorrow should be responsible and accountable. Leaders should not be afraid of facing the consequences whether they succeed or fail. It is a sign of a great person.

4. Flexibility
They should also endeavor to cultivate the nature of being flexible because very rigid people don't really make very good leaders. Leadership requires a certain degree of flexibility at times. The leader should learn how to adjust to some situations and bear with the shortcomings of others. Many situations would present themselves to a leader but they must be wise to know how to respond at such times.

5. Empathy
They should be empathic towards other people because this is a great quality of a leader. It is important for them to understand the thought patterns and behavior of people to enable them relate properly with others. They must also realize how important their own attitudes and behavior are to building good personal and business relationships.

6. Passion
Leaders are passionate. Without passion they would not be able to stay on when faced with difficult situations. This leadership quality distinguishes one person from the other. It is an extremely strong commitment and enthusiasm which an individual shows towards a particular goal. Passionate leaders are able to ignite the same desire in those they lead to help them achieve great things. You can sense passion in the tone of the voice of a leader and in the way they demonstrate their conviction. They are also tolerant of others who may not be as passionate and treat them fairly. Negative thinking is not in their agenda but they are set

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on achieving whatever it is they want to accomplish. They are in charge of the future because passion pushes them on and they do all that they can to inject the same into those that around them.

Passionate leaders have a strong ethics and work culture that helps them. They are also strategic in their thinking and do everything they do with dignity and honor. These are some of the things such leaders do to continuously create passion: 1. They build trust with their team mates; 2. They always stay positive; 3. They encourage and support others; 4. They allow others to see the vision clearly; 5. They create fun while working; 6. They never let feelings determine their moods and feelings.

This type of leaders also avoid: all forms of negativity; focusing on the challenges; changing their goals at will; managing negative situations; allowing conflicts to fester and poor communication.

7. Humility
This is another important leadership quality that college students should cultivate if they aspire for leadership in the future. It helps leaders to be very effective in the task of leading others. It shows that a leader has a good character and this enables people to work easily with them. A humble leader will always want to encourage others to make their input and contribute their best towards achieving the set goal. They always seek for ways to promote other people and acknowledge the effort of those that make efforts. Humility also helps leaders to realize their own weakness and this enables them to work to improve these areas in their lives. First of all, they must acknowledge these weaknesses and then take appropriate steps to work on them and become better. It helps the leader to think of others more and how to improve their lives. A humble leader is not afraid to delegate authority to others and is always willing to receive advice and suggestions from others.

Humility also helps leaders remain open to the opinions of other people; it enables them focus on meeting the needs of their team members and not just theirs; it enables leaders admit when they have made mistakes; it helps leaders not to desire to control everything and everyone around them; it also enables them not to interfere in other people's jobs.

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