Leadership Qualities Of Abraham Lincoln

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Leadership Qualities Of Abraham Lincoln
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Abraham Lincoln was born to Thomas and Nancy Lincoln on the 12th of February, 1809 and became the 16th President of the United States of America. His mother died when he was just nine years old when she was just 34 years of age. He led the country through a bloody Civil War and is well known as the one who started the process that brought an end to slavery. He preserved the union and totally abolished slave trading.

He was self educated and was elected to the Illinois State House of Representatives and also to the United States House of Representatives. He is seen as one of the great Presidents that have led the country. Abraham Lincoln was assassinated on the 14th of April, 1865. He delivered the Gettysburg address which would become one of his most famous speeches in American history on November 19, 1963 This great leader of the United States had a lot of qualities which endeared him to the hearts of the people. He was known as a visionary leader and had the capability of carrying those who worked with him along to achieve his dreams for America. It is said of him that, "he made concepts simple and communicated with an understanding of the needs and concerns of the people." This ability of developing and pursuing vision was one of his best leadership qualities. He had a passion that could not be quenched easily and he used it to see his vision through to the end and accomplished great things. He had a vision for a free and just society and emphasized

the equality of all men whether black or white. He was never in support of discrimination and stood his ground regardless of opposition to his stand on several issues. His vision covered the economy, military and human rights. This made him lead the civil war just to ensure that the country remained one. Abraham Lincoln's vision of a united country played a great role in keeping America together. If he had relented, it would have been divided and some of the various states would have gone their separate ways.

Abraham Lincoln was said to be well balanced in his emotional state and treated all that worked with him with respect. At the times when he would get angry, he is said to have known how to handle his emotions properly and channeled his frustrations properly. He had weaknesses like all humans but knew how to manage himself well. Another excellent leadership quality that he had was the ability to listen to the opinions of others. He never thought that he alone was right on any issue and allowed other people especially those in his team to share the suggestions. He is said to have created a conducive environment that allowed everyone to be free to express their views even if they were different from his. This made his cabinet members unafraid to disagree with him without the fear of being victimized. Those in leadership that listen more than they talk often do better and this was one of Abraham Lincoln's leadership secret. He was also willing to learn from others and established a culture of learning in his administration such that people were unafraid of making mistakes and learning from them. There was fear of intimidation and each person gave their best to the success of his administration. Often times, he always acknowledged the efforts and contributions of others in his team for any success recorded and never took the glory alone. This also endeared him to members of his cabinet as they were well recognized. He also took responsibility for the failure of any one on his team and never allowed any one of them take the blame for mistakes. He was a true leader in every ramification

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of the word. This great President of the United States of America exhibited enviable leadership qualities that all should emulate. He was also known to have had a very humble disposition. This may be as a result of his upbringing or the challenges and struggles that he passed through in life. He is said to have been very courteous and respectful when relating with people and members of his team. Those that had met him were shocked at the simple and humble manner with which he carried himself. This attitude won him many followers and admirers. Also on the job, he was always seeking out competent individuals who would work with him. He attracted the very talented people.

Abraham Lincoln had the ability to communicate and easily connect with people. He was said to know how to use charisma and humour to win people over to his side effortlessly and his communication was never about himself but focused simply on communicating with people. He was able to capture the attention of audiences with his speeches using stories to draw them and also had the skill of breaking down complex ideas into easy to understand language. His communication style touched the hearts of many of those that listened to him.

It was also said that he knew how to relax and spend time with friends and just have fun. He created an atmosphere of laughter and fun during work hours and this helped to shake off any form of stress in the office. During the civil war in America, Abraham Lincoln often visited the battlefields and hospitals to boost the morale of soldiers and establish lasting connections with them. He also loved to connect with ordinary people in the people and made a point of shaking hands and speaking to individuals during such occasions. In all of these, he was never shy to admit that he had his own weaknesses, one of which was that he always gave people too many chances before acting. He was a great leader and there are several people that want to emulate him and apply his leadership style to their own lives. Indeed, Abraham Lincoln exemplified what it means to be a great leader.

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