Leadership Qualities Of Donald Trump

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Leadership Qualities Of Donald Trump
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Donald Trump assumed office as the current President of the United States of America. He was born in New York city on the 14th of June, 1946 and has been a successful business man and television personality. His business interests are mainly focused in real estate but he is also involved in the hospitality and entertainment industry. He graduated from Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and has authored and co-authored several books. Donald Trump is said to be the 544th riches person in the world having an estimated net worth of $3 billion.

Donald Trump was elected President of the United States after winning the 2016 Presidential race. Since then, he has gone from one major controversy to the other and some people say this is as a result of his unusual style of leadership. Others do not agree with this assertion pointing to the fact that Trump has had very low approval ratings in the last few months. The truth is that whether you like Trump or not, he is unique in many ways and has leadership qualities that have endeared him to millions of Americans.

In this article, I will be looking at some of his leadership qualities with the hope of identifying those that the reader can apply to their lives.

1. His ability to set clear priorities and pursue them

Upon assumption of office as President, he identified certain areas which he would want to address. Some of these include healthcare, security and creation of more

jobs for Americans. He has been focused on achieving his set goals and all of us policies seem to be bent on achieving these. Regardless of the mounting opposition to his methods, he has kept his mind poised on pursuing and implementing policies that will bring improved healthcare services, security and jobs to most Americans. He has gone ahead to impose travel bans on visitors from various countries that pose a threat to the United States and has tried though, unsuccessfully to repeal the healthcare program, Obamacare which is a brainchild of the immediate past administration. He has also gone ahead to announce new programmes that would help to create more jobs for Americans. Donald Trump has been very vocal and spoken against companies that export jobs out of the country. The point here is that Donald Trump has priority areas and has been focused on ensuring that he achieves his goals in those areas regardless of those who might be against them. He has set very big goals for his administration and has taken a lot of risks to implement them. This is a good leadership trait that he possesses which has helped him accomplish certain things thus far.

2. He is a good negotiator

Over the last months, he has been involved in various negotiations that would help improve the economy of America. He has also been negotiating with both parties in the Israel-Palestine conflict and seems to be gaining some level of acceptance from the two sides. Before entering politics, Trump has been known to be a great negotiator in business and this made him a fortune over the years. It was also widely reported that at some point, he was almost going bankrupt due to some problems with financial institutions but his ability to make deals and negotiate helped him stabilize and recover quickly. Donald Trump has helped the country win some major defence contracts for American companies from oil-rich countries like Saudi Arabia which is going to create thousands of new jobs for Americans.

3. He is very confident

Confidence is a very good leadership quality and Donald Trump possesses a lot of this. He is a man who is sure of himself and this has helped him in many ways to silence a lot of the attacks against him since he assumed office.

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He is one person who never backs down from any form of attack and always seems to have the last word on any matter. Many construe his confidence as arrogance but I must say that this leadership quality has portrayed him as a no-nonsense leader to the enemies of America. He always pursues anything that he is convinced about and until you are able to convince otherwise, he rarely backs down. Successful leaders are confident leaders. Any one that is timid and shy can hardly succeed as a leader. He is business-like in the decisions he takes and does not waste time in firing those that he feels do not fit in with his programme for his administration. He is said to place very high expectations on himself and all those that work closely with him.

4. He has high energy and drive

Donald Trump is widely regarded as a hard worker and he really works hard. It has been reported that he sleeps only between 4-5 hours daily. This high energy and drive is seen in the way he has set goals and goes about achieving them. His drive is obvious and contagious. It would be impossible to work with such a leader and not be goal-oriented yourself. He is very motivated in his job as President and works almost round the clock to take care of major issues that need his attention. Exceptional leaders must not only be hard workers but smart workers. In this way, they are able to move their team in the same direction and achieve their goals.

5. He pays attention to details

It is reported that Donald Trump pays attention to details on most issues. He does not delegate without effective supervision and this helps him on his job. Every leader must be on top of his game in order to reduce the margin of error and to ensure that his set objectives are achieved. This is an area of strength which Donald Trump possesses.

6. He is Charismatic

Many people might argue with this point but it is very obviously that Donald Trump has been able to gather a lot of followers and many of them believe in his vision because of his charisma. His campaigns pulled large crowds and he was able to convince them to support and ensure his victory at the polls. He has some type of charisma and this has taken him to the highest office in America.

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