Leadership Qualities Of Mahatma Gandhi

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Leadership Qualities Of Mahatma Gandhi
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We have had great leaders the world over and each of them had their own leadership style and skill which helped bring them to limelight. Good leaders have several leadership qualities which makes them different from others. These qualities enable them perform above the expectations of people and to leave a legacy for future generations.

I shall be examining the leadership qualities of one of the greatest leaders of all times, Mahatma Gandhi. He was born in 1869 and died 1948 after he was shot by an assassin. He is said to be one of the most influential leaders that the world has ever had and was one of the frontline leaders of the independence movement in India which culminated in the country's freedom from the British colonialists in 1947. He is widely described by Indians as the father of the nation.

Now, this great leader has been studied over the years and there are several qualities he possessed that endeared him to people all over the world. These leadership qualities made him to stand out among the leaders of his time and have been a major reasons why he has still not being forgotten several decades after. Mahatma Gandhi was one of the few transformational leaders who had a servant's heart. He believed in being a servant-leader.

I shall be highlighting some of these leadership qualities in this article with a view to helping you see what makes great leaders and how you can develop them in your life.


Leadership Style

He had a unique leadership style which stood him out among other leaders and he was highly respected and adored by his people.

1. He was Inspirational
It is said that transformational leaders inspire others to become great. This was one thing Mahatma Gandhi was known for. He inspired both the poor and rich, young and old. Most of his countrymen and women were encouraged by his simplicity and approach to leadership. They were drawn to his style of leadership and he was one who lived by an example. He motivated people to be themselves and live a life of truth and simplicity. He read widely and gave powerful speeches at every opportunity which gave his people for a better tomorrow and helped change their mindset towards life. He fought for the independence of his country, India through non violent means and continued campaigning for the poor and downtrodden and spoke out for the rights of women, unity of religions and fought against poverty. His people loved him greatly and he also worked hard towards fighting illiteracy in the country. His country people were inspired by him primarily because he adopted a non violence approach as he pursued the independence of India. He also inspired them to believe in their country and its culture. He chose a unique style of dressing that was indigenous to India. Everywhere he went around the world, he wore his simple dress. He was also known to always say the truth no matter the situation. People were also inspired by the strict life of discipline that he lived. He also was a determined individual and pursued whatever goal he had at hand with strength and resoluteness. He lived by example and never waited for others to do first but led the way so that others would follow. He did not have a dual personality and was never known to have any ulterior motives in his struggle for the independence of his country. He sacrificed a lot so that his people could enjoy freedom and build a great nation. He was devoted to his calling and pursued it with vigor; in fact he was a great patriot. Even in death, he has continued inspiring Indians and indeed people all over

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the world through his principles, dedication and commitment to build a great nation.

2. He was trustworthy
He won the trust of his people because he lived a very transparent life. In all his dealings, there were no signs that he did anything to benefit himself or his family.

3. He was charismatic
Indeed, Mahatma Gandhi was a charismatic leader and this endeared millions of his country people to him. Crowds always gathered to hear him speak and he impacted on the lives of several people by the way he lived his life.

4. He was a servant-leader
He was a leader with the heart of a servant. All that he did was for the good of his people and he served for the good of everyone. He had no hidden motives other than to help his people have a prosperous and secure future.

His Leadership Traits

Mahatma Gandhi was a very humble man and this was one of the most visible leadership traits he possessed. He lived a modest life and was said to have made the clothes he wore. He was also present to lead any movement or protest he was involved in. He was a simple man who lived a very simple life.

Continuous Learning
He was known to be interested in learning and believed in seeking knowledge. This also was a major reason why people were attracted to him. They were in awe at the level of intelligence he seemed to possess. Gandhi was a deep thinker who spoke from a depth of knowledge that many of his time could not surpass. Many people drew wisdom from the lesson he taught and he had many people gathering to hear him talk.

He was able to empower people His life gave people hope and made them give the best of themselves for the good of others and the country. He helped his people to believe in pursuing anything that would bring growth and development to India. He was said to have live in South Africa before returning to India and was known to have given help to the poor and needy. He was totally committed to making life better for others and he did this also by empowering them.

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