Leadership Qualities for Interview

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Leadership Qualities for Interview
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Employers seek different types of leadership qualities in their potential employees because these would help them succeed and contribute to the growth of the organization. Most jobseekers do not realize the importance of developing the right attributes and qualities that would help them succeed during interviews and enable them get good job offers.

Organizations the world over have realized that it is better to employ individuals that have leadership experience and possess the right qualities needed to succeed on the job. Jobseekers need to prepare themselves for job interviews and highlight the skills and qualities that would endear them to the interviewers. This would give them an edge over others. Organizations would prefer to engage those who already exhibit leadership skills in the key areas than spend money training and re-training potential employees.

Some of the leadership qualities that would help them are highlighted below.

1. They are competent
Interviewers look out for those candidates that show competence. This is because it is easier and less time wasting to work with such people than those who lack the requisite skill and knowledge that would increase productivity in the organization. Competence is the ability to do something well and efficiently. An individual that is competent is seen as having adequate knowledge and skills which would help them perform excellently in a wide range of situations. Interviewers

understand that competent people are able to handle a variety of tasks well with little or no supervision, thus jobseekers that possess this leadership quality will have an edge over others. This will make the job of the interviewer easier as the benefits of hiring such candidates are higher and less costly to the organization.

2. They are highly organized
Individuals that attend job interviews should be able to show the employers that they are organized people. An organized person is capable of higher productivity and can contribute more to the bottom-line of the organization. Disorganized people cause a lot of wastages and are unable to coordinate themselves properly. Interviewers can easily identify such a candidate from the moment they enter the interview room. It shows in how they talk and the way their documents are presented. Dressing is also another indication of an individual's level of organization.

3. They are intelligent
Interviewers also look out for candidates who possess a certain level of intelligence. Studies have shown that a large percentage of an employee's contribution to the growth and productivity of an organization is determined by their level of intelligence. This refers to their ability to organize, plan, set priorities resolve conflicts and solve problems. It also shows in how they are able to show that they can handle day-to-day challenges of life. Intelligent people are known for their curiosity. They ask good questions and listen attentively to the answers given.

4. They show leadership
Candidates that show leadership in the way they carry themselves will be considered first by interviewers during job screening processes. They show a willingness to take charge and produce results. They are accountable and never make excuses for failure. The candidates who possess this quality are capable of pursuing organizational goals and get higher productivity.

5. They are likable
Interviewers look out for candidates that are likable. Warm and friendly people would make good employees. They have good personalities and are easy going with little difficulty in working with other team members. This is an excellent quality that helps jobseekers get jobs easily more than others. Employers like such people because they can handle responsibilities and can achieve more working with a team.

6. They are courageous
Interviewers seem to also

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appreciate candidates that show courage is speaking up and being able to say when they think and feel when they are asked sensitive questions. This can be assessed when candidates are asked questions relating to the company, the position they are applying for and their future career plans. Such candidates if employed will be able to stand up for the things that would help the organization succeed even if their opinions are different from those of their superiors. Employers prefer individuals who can stand up for themselves in any situation and speak up for the good of the organization. They do not like those who go with the 'joneses.'

7. They have inner strength
Candidates who show that they possess this quality are more likely to get a job during interviews. This is the determination and ability to persevere when adversity strikes or the ability to stand your ground when faced with tremendous challenges and pressure. During a job interview, you can show this quality by remaining calm, cool and relaxed with no sign of tension. There would be seasons of great challenges when working in an organization so those that possess this quality would seem a better choice.

8. They are self motivated
Candidates who show that they do not require any external factors to motivate them in times of challenge are a choice for interviewers any day. Employees are faced with tough choice everyday and most times need to be motivated by their employers but those who remain self motivated and focus on their assignment are preferred before others. The interviewer looks out for this quality during the sessions with candidates and can pick this up from the responses they give when asked questions.

9. They make sound decisions
Interviewers pick out candidates who show their ability to make sound decisions and stand by them. They are able to assess this from the statements and responses that candidates make when asked specific questions. A strong leadership quality is being able to make decisions fast and stand by them no matter what happens.

Candidates who plan on attending job interviews should identify the leadership qualities that interviewers are usually on the lookout for and strive to imbibe them. The candidates who possess some of the qualities highlighted above have a higher chance of succeeding than those who don't possess them because employers know this would save them time and reduce wastages.

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