Manager Personal Development Plan Example

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Manager Personal Development Plan Example
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A personal development plan is a document that outlines the steps and processes an individual wants to take to achieve their personal development goals. It helps to define what needs to be done, your targets, your strengths and weaknesses, the areas where you need to improve on with timeline attached to them.

In developing his personal development plan, the manager must:

1. Define his goals clearly
You will need to clearly state what goals are important to you and to determine if you are ready to accomplish them. Defining your goals makes it easier for you to have a picture of the things you intend to achieve. Without this, the development plan will not be effective. It must outline your goals clearly. The manager should state first exactly what he intends to achieve as this will help him succeed.

2. Prioritize appropriately
The manager must be able to highlight what goals are important among others in order not to waste time pursuing shadows. His energies should be directly focused to achieve his key goal. He will have to identify what he actually needs and what should be done to make it possible. Prioritizing would help him select the best line of action to follow.

3. Set deadlines
The manager should also have timelines attached to every goal he desires to accomplish. Without this, little or nothing will be accomplished. Having a goal and not knowing when you should accomplish

it would lead to failure. You should also not try to accomplish a very big project in a short time because this may not be feasible. In developing your personal development plan, you must develop goals that are realistic, measurable and time bound.

4. Understand his strengths
The manager should also take into consideration the skills and strengths that he possesses. He would need to build on them to make them better and more productive. You can write down these strengths and use them to pursue and achieve your goals.

5. Recognize the opportunities and threats that exist
You can also identify what habits and behaviors you have that can negatively affect your personal development goals. Ignoring them will lead to the failure of your plan. List out these bad habits and attitude, take a decision to stop them. Write out what you will start doing right from today.

6. Develop new skills
Determine what you need to do to acquire new skills and begin to do something about it from today. What sacrifice are you ready to make to accomplish your plan. You must be ready to do what you have not done before to get something new.

7. Take action
Begin to take steps towards the fulfillment of your plan. Do not sit around waiting for it to happen. Make it happen. List out all the things you need to accomplish within a specific time frame.

8. Get support
If you need any form of support, look out for someone who can help you in that area.

9. Measure progress
As you are developing and following your development plan, take time to measure the progress you have made. This will enable you identify areas that need to be improved. Evaluate and re-strategize so that you can get better and faster results.

In this article, I shall look at some examples of a personal development plan for managers. This plan should contain your development needs and how you intend to achieve them.

Development Plan 1 for Experienced Managers

Job Description:
Time period: September - November 2016
Development Focus: To improve my effectiveness in current role and prepare for future leadership role

1. Ability to solve problems and take decision easily
2. Financial literacy
3. Industry experience

Development Needs:
1. To improve my strategic thinking skills
2. To get more leadership exposure
3. To improve my computing

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Action to be taken:
1. Identify where I can get the required training in this area to improve my skills in this area. I would look out for an organization that offers weekend training programme so as not to affect my current work schedule.

Time to achieve this: Commence this weekend, schedule for 3 months
Cost: $2.5K

2. Discuss with my superior on the possibility to develop and lead a new sales team. This will enable me engage my strengths and skills to gain the required leadership experience while also improving the sales record of the department. I will also have opportunity to be learn more on the job.

Time to achieve this: this week, in preparation of the new project
Cost: none

3. Take steps to enroll in a computer training class online in order to improve my computing skills. I would search for the best tutorial courses that would enable me achieve this within the shortest possible time. I can give 1 hours each day to this and would also need to purchase a small laptop to practice what is taught daily.

Time to achieve this: Next Monday
Cost: $200 to purchase a fairly used laptop

Development Plan 2 for New Managers

Job Description:
Time period: September - November 2016
Development Focus: To develop myself and achieve set targets in this new role

1. Project management skills
2. Ability to influence others
3. Ability to pursue and achieve results

Development Needs:
1. To develop appropriate training tools for my team
2. To learn how to handle and resolve conflicts easily
3. To develop and improve my communication skills

Action to be taken:
1. I would need to work with my team members to create their individual development plans in order to understand what their vision and goals are as it relates to the department and organization. Develop the right training tools to provide them with the requisite knowledge and skills. Ensure that the training style would enable them discover their own unique way of learning.

Time to achieve this: start this week, once every month
Cost: none

2. Take an in-house course on conflict resolution and management.

Time to achieve this: this month
Cost: $100, 2 days

3. Improve communication skills by reading relevant materials and practicing. I would also endeavor to learn how to listen more to others.

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