Mark Zuckerberg Leadership Qualities

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Mark Zuckerberg Leadership Qualities
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Mark Zuckerberg is the Founder and Chief Executive of one of the most successful social networking websites, Facebook. He started the service in February 2004 with his college roommate, Eduardo Saverin. Membership to the website was initially limited to students at Harvard University where Mark attended and then gradually expanded to other colleges in Boston. Later on, membership was expanded to include most universities in the United States and then to everyone with an email address and an age requirement of being 13 years and above. Today, Facebook is valued at about $350 billion. Mark was born on May 14, 1984 and got married to Priscillia Chan in 2012. This savvy entrepreneur is said to have an estimated networth of $71 billion. Since 2012, he has been named in Time magazine as one of the 100 wealthiest and most influential people in the world.

Successful leaders in various fields are known to possess certain unique characteristics which help them to stand out. These qualities determine whether they would be successful or not. I am examining some of the leadership qualities that have contributed to the success of Mark Zuckerberg. One of the first things I have learnt about him is that he always is able to take control of every situation and hardly ever loses his temper. He has been able to learn how to manage stressful situations and is known to calmly approach difficult situations with ease. This has made him successful at managing a large organization

like Facebook. He has developed cordial working relationships with his employees and team members. It is said that he encouraged everyone to be themselves and express their opinions without fear or intimidation. Another leadership quality Mark possesses is his ability to think about issues critically. Critical thinkers are mostly successful in leadership. He is known to always go deep with issues and come out with disruptive ideas that change the way things are done. This has helped keep Facebook ahead of her competition. He is quoted as saying that success comes from taking time to think critically rather than just accepting the first idea that comes to mind. Mark Zuckerberg is a visionary and this can be seen with what he has done with Facebook. As I stated earlier, he got the idea while in his University room and set out to do something about it. His vision started to expand from one level to the other and today it is a well recognized global brand with millions of users from the various continents of the world. Vision has to do with seeing into the future and today, we can see how far Facebook has come and there are great potentials for the organization in the future. His vision has set him apart and also created tremendous wealth for him. At the beginning when he started doing something about his dream, he was alone but was motivated to keep going until his idea became successful. Visionary leaders rarely fail in their pursuits. He has stayed on his vision and pursued it vigorously.

Another key leadership quality he has is his ability to stay on course. He does not bother about criticism and never allows their noise get to him in anyway. He says that he uses his time and energy on productive activities rather than worrying about what his critics are saying about him. He concentrates more on developing new ideas and innovations and continues to take steps to advance his business. This is helped him achieve a lot of what he has achieved today. Many people waste their time in responding to criticism or fighting their opponents without realizing that there are more important things to do with their time and resources. Mark Zuckerberg is also

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known to be assertive, simply put it means that he has a mind of his own and is able to make decisions quickly. He does not procrastinate on issues and is able to assess situations or problems and make decisions on the way forward. There is always an element of risk to every decision a leader would make but the ability to make quick decisions is also vital for success. Mistakes may be made in the process but success also is possible. Procrastination steals opportunities for people than any other thing. Another area where he has strengths is the ability to effectively communicate and interact with members of his team. It is said that he regularly communicates with everyone asking questions and interacting on a personal level. This leadership quality makes it possible for people to be more open to express themselves and air their opinions on issues. This builds trust among his workers and they see themselves as stakeholders in the business and not just employees. His style of communication makes employees feel that their input matters and are willing to make known any ideas that would improve the business of the organization. These days, he is also able to communicate effectively with the public and his speaking skills are said to be more poised and articulate. Mark Zuckerberg through the years has also shown a desire for continuous learning and regularly seeks guidance from those who are experienced. He is said to have a relationship with Warren Buffet and regularly met with the late Steve Jobs the founder of Apple for guidance on various issues. This desire to learn and know more brings growth and reduces the time spent on making and correcting mistakes.

He is also a hardworker who does not leave the difficult work for others. He has been involved in the growth process of his business. From the beginning, he has been a part and parcel of the success story of his first successful company, Facebook. Hard work always pays and leaders who are dedicated and committed to their business always reap the fruit at last. They go through the various stages and phases and this enables them learn valuable lessons that would help them in the future.

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