Military Leadership Qualities

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Military Leadership Qualities
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In every profession, there are certain leadership qualities that should exist among its members to qualify them to occupy sensitive positions. Leadership is not in-born but developed over time and it is a conscious decision by the individual involved. It is not every person that has the requisite skills and qualities to make a good leader. In the military, there are some essential qualities which those that lead must possess. The success of every organization, profession or team is determined by the qualities its leader possesses and this enables it achieve set objectives and goals. In this article, I shall be discussing some important military leadership qualities.

Military Leadership Qualities

In the military, there are certain qualities that are required that those who are in leadership and those who aspire to be leaders should possess. These include:

Leaders in the military profession must possess the right character that would enable them succeed and also impact positively on those that they lead. They must be people that have values and a great work ethic. This is very important because without character, a leader has no moral ground to correct or rebuke those he leads. A leader that has a good character would not need to talk much but his action and lifestyle speak volumes. His followers will be willing to obey his orders and instructions because they know he lives an exemplary

life. Discipline must form a major part of a military leader's character. Anyone aspiring for leadership in the military must learn to discipline himself because without it, he may not far. The leader must not have a character that is questionable and must be known to have a clean record of integrity in all his dealings.

A military leader must develop the right carriage as this will earn him a lot of respect within and outside military circles. The way an individual carries himself determines how people talk to and approach him. The military leader must be fit, confident and resilient if he must succeed in accomplishing the set goals and objectives. It is very important for a military leader to develop a positive self image among their colleagues and subordinates. He must develop a leadership style that is unique to him and this will motivate others to believe in him and his ability to lead.

A military leader must know how to lead their colleagues and subordinates. He must understand that there can be no success without a team. He must know how to bring the wisdom, skills and abilities of each team member together to achieve their collective objectives. Team building is a very important quality that he must possess. This would lead to increased productivity and greater achievement. He must learn not to divide but unite everyone. Every assignment in the military is expected to be a team assignment so all hands need to be on deck. The leader must be able to develop and build the right teams.

A leader in military circles must be visionary and possess the ability to be futuristic in outlook. He must be able to think strategically and lead while also developing others for leadership positions. He must not think just in the short term but should have realistic medium and long term goals for his team. Vision is very important in leadership and it is only visionary leaders that succeed. Without a vision, there is no movement. Visionary leaders are successful leaders both in military and secular society. He must be able to see where he and his team are going and what they need to do in order to get there. Leaders that focus on only short term goals

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cannot achieve much.

The leader must have developed capacity to lead and to face challenges under intense pressure. Working in the military is not an easy task so leaders must brace up to withstand the pressures that come with it. This is a major requirement for anyone who wants to be a leader in the military. The job comes with a lot of pressure so the leader must be ready and willing to lead his team regardless of the opposition on the way. He must be able to meet deadlines for the execution of projects and should be able to mobilize all the necessary resources at the short notice. Most military leaders perform better when under pressure because this is part of the training that they undergo. They must be able to lead and manage the people they work with in low and high stress conditions.

Most leadership positions in the military require people who possess problem solving, critical thinking and innovative skills. The military leader must also be emotionally intelligent so as to know how to handle different situations that he may be faced with on-the-job. He must be knowledgeable and skillful in applying this knowledge to real life situations. Such a leader should also be sharp mentally to be able to influence and impact positively on those who work with him.

The military officer must value accountability and learn to take responsibility for every decision that he makes. He should learn how to encourage those who perform excellently and to take responsibility when the expectations he has for the team fall short. It is also important for the leader not to play the blame game but learn to always accept responsibility.

The leader must be motivated at all times as his mood affects the team positively or negatively. He must be one who is driven to succeed no matter the odds that are stacked up against him. In this way, he would be able to motivate members of his team and make them contribute their best towards the achievement of set goals. He must not be one who gets discouraged easily when faced with resistance or opposition but should be able to stand his ground.

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