Napoleon Bonaparte Leadership Qualities

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Napoleon Bonaparte Leadership Qualities
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The name Napoleon Bonaparte is legendary. He is well known as a military leader and revolutionist who led a lot of successful campaigns for the French. He was born on August 15, 1769 and his father was Carlo Maria di Buonaparte and mother, Maria Letizia Ramolino. His mother influenced him a lot and it is said that she disciplined early in life and this helped build his character in the right direction. He was the Emperor of France from 1804 to 1814 and was well known for leading a lot of revolutionary wars for the country and widely recognized as a great Commander. He was very strategic in his campaigns and won most of them. This has put his name in the books of history such that even till today, his strategies in war are being studied in reputable military schools all around the world. As a young boy, he attended school in France and was taught the French language. He went on to attend the French military academy and graduated in 1785 from where he attained the rank of second lieutenant in the artillery regime of the French army. In 1789, the French Revolution started and subsequently the revolutionaries overthrew the monarchy at the time and declared a French republic. During this time, he was on leave from the military with his family in Corsica. It was here that he became acquainted with the Jacobins, a political group that was pro-democracy. His family later fled their native land for mainland France following a clash with the Corsican governor, Pasquale Paoli.


returned to his military duty and later became acquainted with Augustin Robespierre who was a brother of revolutionary leader Maximillen Robespierre, a Jacobin who was also a principal player behind the Reign of Terror (1793-1794), a period of violence targeted at those that were against the revolution. He was promoted to the rank of brigadier general in the French army. In July 1794, he was later put under house arrest after the fall of Robespierre from power. In 1795, he helped to stop an insurrection against the revolutionary government in Paris and was promoted to major general.

Napoleon Bonaparte was a very great and influential leader who had certain great leadership qualities that could be emulated. Some of these include:

1. He was charismatic

Indeed, Napoleon was a charismatic leader and had a great deal of influence on his followers. It is said that even in very difficult situations, he always carried with him an aura of victory that attracted others. This made it easy for his troops to fight until they had victory. He was also described as a caring leader and took great care of his soldiers. It is reported that he often enquired after their welfare and ensured that they supplies of food when it was needed. His charisma made him popular among so many people that even after the downfall of his government, he was still widely loved. People stated that they were willing to give their lives for the sake of their leader.

2. He was a master propagandist

Napoleon has been described as being a master of propaganda and knew how to influence the opinion of a vast majority of people and direct it in his favour. Though he did not care about religion, he was said to have been able to use it as a tool to influence the people. He portrayed himself as a Muslim to the Muslim, an atheist to the French revolutionaries and a Catholic to the European Catholics. He ensured that the newspapers did not publish anything that would be harmful to his government and placed them under strict control. He also wrote articles to be published in the newspapers in order to ensure that the people read only what he wanted.

3. He

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ran a good government

Napoleon's time in power was marked with a lot of positive developments that turned improved the economy. It was said that he rehabilitated the train transport system and tackled a lot of the problems that bedeviled the country at the time. He is said to have put crime under control and established the Napoleonic legal code. This is still in existence in modern day France as the basis of their law. It was said to have established a single set of laws that wiped out feudalism. His government attracted a lot of admiration from his people.

4. He was intelligent

Napoleon was recognized as an intelligent leader who had knowledge about several things. He was described as someone that had a great capacity for work with a sharp memory.

5. He was organized

Napoleon was also a very organized leader and ensured that preparations were put in place early enough for any project or campaign. This was to prevent any failure in the future. It is said that he was a good planner and ensured that things were done in order.

6. He was always learning

Napoleon was known to be a keen learner who always sought opportunity to know and improve himself. He was said to have studied several subjects in his early years just to know things for himself. He took time to study and make plans before embarking on any military campaign and this was a major reason why he hardly failed. He also loved to ask questions and make enquiries so as not to make the mistakes those ahead of him had made.

7. He always took initiatives

Napoleon was always willing to try no matter what. He would always want to get involved and do his best. It is said that even when he was a celebrated general, he always led by example. He never regarded any assignment as been beneath his level and this endeared him to many people.

8. He was simply different

Napoleon Bonaparte was of a different breed. He set himself apart from others by the tough tasks and problems he was willing to tackle. He was a strategist and was never afraid of taking any risk.

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