Negative Attitude Examples

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Negative Attitude Examples
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What is a negative attitude? I can describe it as a non constructive, destructive and pessimistic disposition to things.

In everyday life, we come across a lot of situations that can generate a lot of negative thoughts and feelings in our lives. The world itself dampens our emotions with the daily negative occurrences that we see and hear but the point must be made that it is our own choice to see things from a positive or negative point of view. If we allow the challenges we face in our personal relationships, finances, career, business or work place to affect our attitude to ourselves, others and life itself, we would eventually be the losers. There will always be challenges but we must brace ourselves up and face everything that comes against us in the right way. Negative attitudes are simply the responses we develop when faced with challenges and this can engender fear or incapacitate our ability to function effectively and at full capacity. We experience the effects of our negative attitudes first because it affects our emotions, moods and responses to everything. It drives people away from us; steals our zeal for living; distorts our vision and destroys our self esteem. This also would then make us more and more negative and the cycle continues. If we understand that we lose more than we gain from developing and exhibiting negative attitudes, we would work more on ourselves. Negativity begins in our minds. Changing the way we think about everything that

happens in our lives helps us move forward with confidence. We must also strive to see things differently and accept the things we cannot change.

Our negative attitudes also affect our relationships with other people in our personal and work cycles. Negativity can be contagious and people are usually drawn away from people that manifest this in their lives. Everyone also faces some form of challenge in life and desire to get solace in people who are positive and upbeat about life. This gives them hope and confidence to move on. Our negativity also affects the way we see life. With this wrong mindset, we begin to see everything around us in bad light. Life becomes choking and frustrating. This would lead to constant regrets and failure.

In the points below, I have expounded on some examples of the different ways we sometimes manifest negative attitudes in our lives.

1. Talking down on ourselves and others

When faced with some challenge or problem that seems difficult or impossible for us to solve, we begin to talk down on ourselves. This negative attitude leads to a loss of self confidence and fear. It can also lead us to underperform and reduce our productivity levels. When we say things like: "I am a failure, I am no good, I can't make it", we are exhibiting negative attitudes. This attracts discontent and ultimately may lead us to fail. When we talk to others in the same way is also a very bad thing to do. This will lead people to want to distance themselves away from us because they feel inadequate around us.

2. Negative Assumptions

When we allow negativity to become a part of our daily lives, it leads to think wrongly and make a lot of wrong assumptions about situations and people that are close to us. This leads to lot of misconceptions and conflicts. Negative thoughts birth negative attitudes and this does us and the people that we love no good. It makes us always to see the negative even when situations and people are trying to show us the good side.

3. Comparing ourselves and our loved ones with other people


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we allow negative attitudes to become a part of our lives, we constantly want to compare ourselves with other people. We do not see any good in what we do and feel that other people have it better than we do. We must learn to avoid comparing ourselves and those close to us with others. This can lead to destructive tendencies and can bring stress, anxiety and depression. We should accept and be happy with ourselves and if there are areas that we need to work on, we must make the effort to effect that change.

4. Always thinking negative thoughts about the past

We may have had bad experiences in the past but must never allow our present to be affected negatively by it. When we allow our minds to keep negative thoughts, we begin to think a lot of the past and see everything that has happened as bad. We must strive to learn from the past and apply that to our lives today. It is important to always remember that yesterday is gone with its failures and we have today to redeem ourselves. We must learn to let go of our past mistakes and errors in order to make the present better. It is good that we allow the past to make us become better people but living in negativity about the past can only lead to more failure.

5. Blaming others

Blaming other people for our mistakes is a very negative attitude and we should strive to let go of it. We must learn to always take responsibility for our actions and learn from our mistakes. There may be people or relationships that might have played a role in shaping our present negative circumstances but it is vital to focus on ourselves and learn where we failed and then move forward from there.

When we put the blame on other people, we shift responsibility from ourselves and this does not help but destroy us. It keeps us bound in an invisible cage. The best way is to think of how we can move forward and avoid making the same old mistakes of the past. We should also re-examine our relationships to remove the ones which affect us negatively. It is important that we have people that could encourage and motivate us to become better people.

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