Personal Development Areas Examples

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Personal Development Areas Examples
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There are many areas in our lives that require some form of personal development. It takes work, time and commitment to develop in any area where we desire changes. Personal development is a process which brings progress and advancement to the life, career and relationships of an individual.

I shall be examining some examples in our lives where personal development can help us.

1. To develop self confidence

Most people lack confidence in themselves and to face the challenges of life. Success does not come to those who are not bold but to those who stand strong in the face of tough challenges and situations. You must have develop self confidence which would enable you brace up to handling difficult situations that come your way in life. To develop self confidence, you can do some of the following:

a. Package yourself properly
b. Be well groomed in manners and attitude
c. Dress neatly
d. Develop a positive mindset at all times
e. Do away with negative thought patterns
f. Discover yourself better
g. Act in a positive manner always
h. Always go the extra mile
i. Start small but dream big
j. Stop procrastinating and do something
k. Seek knowledge
l. Be grateful in all situations
m. Focus on providing solutions and not talking about problems
n. Set small goals and ensure that you accomplish them
o. Improve your skill and competence levels
p. Learn

to listen more and talk less
q. Live by principles
r. Always live ready
s. Be kind and generous to others

2. Discover Yourself

Until you discover who you are, you have not started living. Discovery of self is the first step that will help you achieve your personal development plan. Self awareness talks about having an understanding of who you are, your strengths and weaknesses, thoughts, belief systems, motivations and emotion. It also enables you to understand other people better and how they perceive you. You can develop self awareness by taking some steps. These include:

a. Always look at yourself objectively in order to study how you react to issues, why you take certain decisions and why you do things in a particular way. You can also reach out to friends and family to hear from them what they think about you. b. Based on your assessment, you can now write down what you need to do to become better or to improve in any particular area. Put down what you important plans and priorities are and get to work.

c. Keep a journal to track events and decisions you make in order to review them in the future. This will enable you identify areas of lapses and help you do better.

3. Develop your Strength, Skills and Talent

Every one of us has great potentials but until we take conscious steps to develop them, they would remain dormant inside. This is an area of personal development that will launch into heights you never imagined. Here are some steps you can take to develop your talents and skills.

a. Look out for activities that you like. Discover the things you liked to do in the past and follow your heart. You may also need to take some psychometric tests or ask friends and family who may give you some idea of what they think you are suited to do.

b. Set goals that will help you develop in those areas. For every talent you want to develop, you will need to set a realistic and specific goal. Don't just talk about it but begin writing down goals that will drive you to achieve them.

c. Challenge yourself to go beyond the limits. Do better than you have done previously and always go the extra mile.

d. Follow a process

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that is suitable and convenient for you to develop your talent.

e. Look out for people of like mind and vision who can encourage you in the path you are walking. We all need people who can inspire and motivate us.

4. Learn how to build Wealth

This is another area that requires personal development as every individual desires to build wealth in order to have a secure and fruitful tomorrow. It is important to work on ourselves in order to better our lives. These are some personal development steps that will help you build lasting wealth.

a. Begin to make budgets. Wealth would be difficult to build if you do not save some portion of your income and it is impossible to save money if you don't know how much you have and how you spend it. Financial independence starts at this point.

b. Save a portion of what you make. It is important that every individual begins to plan to set aside something for tomorrow. Whatever you choose to start with is your decision but ensure that something is kept aside from every income you receive.

c. Do not consume the 'free' money that comes to you. Ensure that you save or invest such money whenever it comes. Consuming all that you receive will lead to a frustrated life in the future. Research opportunities that may provide you with some extra cash that you can save or invest.

d. Starting cutting off credit card debts. Living below your means should be the rule of thumb in today's challenging and competitive world. Credit cards lead to overspending and lack of financial discipline so you have to make a decision to spend only what you have and not what you hope to have in the future. Eating your future is dangerous and can lead to frustrations in the future. It has been observed that people spend much more when they use credit cards than when they are paying cash. Watch your use of credit cards and if it is possible, avoid it. You will be glad you did!

e. Visit a financial advisor to assist you actively build your wealth portfolio. Investing your money correctly will help you build wealth. A financial advisor will educate you on investment options and how to develop a healthy emotional relationship with wealth.

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