Personal Development For Teenagers

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Personal Development For Teenagers
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Everyone who desires success in life should have a plan to ensure their personal development. At any stage we are in our development as individuals, our efforts should be planned, focused and targeted. We may have different goals at these various stages but our consistency will always bring us the success we desire.

Individuals who fall within the category of teenagers are usually between the ages of 13-19. They face diverse challenges at this stage of their development, most of which are as a result of the influences their peers have on them. Many parents at this stage find it difficult to understand their children as they battle to create an identity for themselves and if not properly guided may make some costly mistakes.

Some of the problems that most teenagers are faced with in this development stage include:

1. It has been observed that at this stage, teenage girls face the problem of eating disorders. Most of them nurse the fear of becoming fat and suffer from anaemia and anorexia. They also become thin and weak and are exposed to several health related issues. Teenage boys also face the challenge of eating junk food and skipping proper meals.

2. Spending a lot of valuable time on social media. The internet has drawn the attention of teenagers the world over to the extent that many are addicted to it. They all over various social media platforms and this exposes them to unnecessary trouble. It

also affects them to the extent that they are unable to get enough sleep which prevents them from concentrating on their studies.

3. Statistics show that several teenagers face issues with depression and it is said to be on the increase. Depression can be triggered by personal, social and academic issues. Though mood swings in teenagers is seen as normal and natural, depression when it continues for a long period of time becomes dangerous and painful.

4. Indecision is also one of the problems that teenagers experience. Sometimes, they may be confused on what step they are to take and the career choice to make.

5. Another major challenge that they face is exposure to drinking and smoking. The influences of peers and the pressures of life push them into these vices and they would need help from their parents to overcome.

6. Most teenagers suffer from body image problems and this leads them to spend lots of money on clothes.

7. They also feel the constant pressure to be the best in school and this can lead to a lot of stress related problems.

8. Another major problem bedevilling teenagers in today's world is drug addiction. Peer pressure has been identified as the reason for this and teenagers need help more than ever to overcome drug use.

Below are some of the ways that teenagers can contribute to their own personal development. Like I stated earlier, no matter the stage where we are, we all need develop ourselves and they are not exempted from it.

- One of the personal development tips for teenagers is the need for them to realize that their thoughts carry power. Their thoughts carry power and the ability to change the course of their lives. The ability to arrive at the destination of their choice is determined largely by the type of thoughts they think. These contribute to the fulfilment of their personal development goals and until teenagers realize that they carry power to change their lives, stagnation may remain for a long time. To maintain positive thoughts, you need to:

1. Purposefully use positive words when you talk.
2. Keep negative thoughts constantly out of your mind.
3. Direct your thoughts properly.
4. Use the rights words. Fill your thoughts with words that push you to succeed.
5. Use

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positive affirmations.

- Teenagers need to learn how to improve their confidence levels and be bold in confronting situations of life. There are a lot of challenges and troubles in the outside world and they need to be strong to develop their confidence levels. Parents can also help them in this area by praising their efforts, criticizing constructively, seeking their opinions on issues and encouraging them to develop and use their talents. To build confidence, teenagers can do the following:

1. They should act confidently in all situations.
2. They should practise social skills.
3. They should keep making efforts.

- They should learn to have a mind of their own on issues and be assertive. Being assertive means that you are direct about what you want, feel and believe in a way that also shows that you are considerate of other people's views. You can develop this quality by:

1. Learning to be patient with yourself.
2. Not using aggressive language when talking.
3. Practising assertiveness.
4. Adopting a problem solving approach to conflicts.
5. Learning to agree to disagree.
6. Listening actively and patiently.
7. Aiming for open and honest communication.

- Teenagers can also improve their personal development by taking steps to cultivate qualities such as integrity and honesty. The values which they are able to internalize at this age would most likely remain with them through life.

- They can also get involved in spiritual activities as this also affects the way they perceive things. It also teaches them to be considerate in their behaviour.

- It is also a good idea for teenagers to get involved in daily fitness programmes or exercises that help keep them healthy. They should also eat food that is good for their health.

- They should also set realistic goals for their lives. These goals may be related to their academic, personal, business or career. Without a goal, teenagers will have no reason to even desire to develop themselves.

- They should learn to value hard work and begin to learn how to live independently. These skills will contribute to their personal development as they move from this stage. In this way, they will begin to develop skills on how to manage themselves without relying on their parents to help them.

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