Personal Development Meaning

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Personal Development Meaning
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Personal development is a process that will continue throughout the life span of an individual. It enables people to assess their skills, abilities, pursue their goals and objectives in life to bring about self fulfilment. It is a process through which you are able to identify the skills that you will require to become successful in any given area of your life, build your confidence, enhance your employability and help you live a balanced and fulfilled life. From childhood, we all go through various stages of personal development and this continues till adulthood and beyond. It is meant to be progressive.

Abraham Maslow, one of the foremost theorists on this subject, said that every individual has a need for personal development or do I say self-actualization. He explained in his studies, that most people are only able to develop to the extent that their basic needs are satisfied. He explained that it is only a lower need has been satisfied can another higher one be developed. He categorised the needs of men as:

- Physiological needs: These include drink, food, sex which are necessary for survival.
- Safety and Security: This includes both economic and physical security.
- Love and Affection: The need to be loved, having a sense of belonging.
- Self esteem: The need to have a sense of self worth, a feeling of self respect from the opinions of others.
-Self actualization: Here, people

pursue and find purpose and personal growth.

Steps to Personal Development

There are steps individuals can take to enhance their personal development and these include:

- Make a decision
One of the first steps to actualize your personal development goals is to make the decision. Many people talk and plan but never get around doing. It is only those who take steps that become outstanding in life.

- Read wide
You can fast track your personal development through reading. Knowledge empowers individuals and gives them an edge over others. It is what you know that puts you ahead. Research and make findings into areas that many have not even thought about. Read wide and acquire as much information on issues that people would need you for solutions to their challenges.

- Time Management
For individuals to succeed in their personal development, they must place value on time. Time wasters have no future because nothing is valuable to them. Time management is an important skill which a visionary person can use to their advantage. Make out time to read and develop new skills; create time to spend with your family; give your work or business enough of your time. Avoid time wasting. You can achieve this by making a to-do list each day or week as this helps you plan your time. Learn to delegate responsibility to others so that you can use your time on more productive things. You can start doing about it from today.

- Set goals
An individual that is going everywhere is going nowhere. It is important for you to set goals that will help you in personal development. Goals are like targets you have placed before you with timelines. They motivate you each day to wake and go about your daily assignments. Your goals make you committed until they are achieved. You can have goals in the short, medium and long term and they must be specific and measurable. This will enable you know whether you are making progress or not whenever you evaluate yourself.

- Build good Communication Skills
Learn how to communicate as this will enable you relate with people from other culture and background. This enhances your personal development goals.

- Carry out an appraisal of your Skills
At regular intervals, you should do an appraisal of the skills you possess in order to identify what you

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need to improve upon. You may need to learn new technology that will enhance those skills. An appraisal will help you very much in this area as you will take stock what the skills you possess and what to do to improve them.

- Overcome barriers to Learning
Never allow anything or any situation stop you from developing yourself. Make a decision to do all that needs to be done learn new things and apply yourself to them. Do away with all forms of distraction.

- Be a good team player
Learn skills that will help you work well with other people. There are people who cannot work in a team, maybe because they are stubborn or simply cannot tolerate others people from advising them. Those type of people are seen as being dictatorial.

- Develop a professional CV
To enhance your employability which will also help you in personality development, ensure that you make your curriculum vitae very professional in outlook. Let it be clear and be sure to highlight your skills.

Benefits of Personal Development

- Self awareness
As you embark on this journey of personal development, you become more aware of who you are. You will then establish your values, beliefs and purpose in life. It is a very important benefit in the process.

- Clear sense of direction
It helps you clearly know what you want to achieve in life. It helps you in making the right decisions. Anything or anyone that will distract you from this path would need to be removed.

- You become focused and more effective
Your purpose becomes clearer with personal development. This will enable you focus on the tasks that will enable you achieve you primary purpose. Your objectives and goals are achieved easier. It also helps focus on your strengths which increases your productivity.

- Provides the right motivation
You become motivated to pursue and actualize your dreams in life.

- Gives you strength to face life's challenges
Personal development builds resilience in you. With the skills you have learnt through the process, you have become confident and strong to cope with any challenge.

- Fulfilling Relationships
It helps you build the right relationships that will move you forward. It also enables you to identify the ones that should end.

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