Personal Development Objectives Examples

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Personal Development Objectives Examples
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Whether you are about to appear in an job interview or to have that long awaited date, your personality speaks volumes about you. It is the first appearance that makes a very first impression in the mind of your future employer or your date.

Personality development is required everywhere. Your personality speaks volumes about you.

First comes the physical appearance. One should be of proper physique, proper weight and height. Your body language should be approachable and positive. You should be looking confident.

Then comes the dress code. Poor dressing is strictly not permissible nor the military code is always required. Proper dressing, at proper place and time. And as per the event. Party dress code is different then that of a sad demise. Suit & tie is necessary for business settings while Dhoti and Khes is required to do Yoga.

We also have personal dressing & dress code. One could say, fashion motto. Professional dressings also matters. When I say Doctor, what do you see?, when I say Indian politician, what do you see? When I say, Obama, what do you see? And what about Gandhiji?

They all have their own dress code or fashion motto. However, Gandhi of India and Gandhi of Africa wore total different clothings and Gandhi of America is exception. Because , the dress code for politicians vary country to country but dress code for doctors remain almost the same world wide.

There's no end to dress

code or dressings as there's no end to cultures and people. After that comes your language & words that you use. They & should be polished, uplifting and energetic.

Most importantly, people notice your eyes, facial expressions, your vocals and intonations while you speak to them. If you really don't mean what you said, they will catch it then & there. Remember, in most beauty contests while the contestants are speaking, promising anything on their winnings, the judges panel is noticing not their beauty, but whether they meant what they said or not. And it is judged by the way contestant speaks, her facial expressions, body language and intonations.

Thus, first comes the outlook or physical appearance, then the body language and lastly comes the words that one speaks. More importantly how one speaks. The delivery.

By Jagdish Mandavia
(iSynergy Institute Of English,Rajkot)

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