Personal Development Plan Ideas

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Personal Development Plan Ideas
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If one wishes to develop and advance in his personality the following are some key ideas:

Personal development plan ideas:

1. Personal development plan ideas at physical level:

It is ages old saying that we communicate more by seeing, watching than by speaking or telling. We constantly communicate. We communicate verbally, mentally, emotically, through our eyes, through gestures, through our body language. The baby communicates through body language, through eyes. The olders communicate verbally. In business we have the tool of e-mails, memos and business letters. Personal development plan ideas at physical level begin with a positive body language.

We constantly communicate. Whether we are asleep, sitting, walking, talking to a stranger, watching or reading a novel or having that candle lit dinner with your very first long awaited dream date.

proper body language makes your job easy. Proper body language, at a proper place, with proper words & stressing can make miracles everywhere. Facial expressions and eye gestures make a topping on your messages and are really very important One needs to be aware of his body language, all the time. Because, We constantly communicate at subconscious level. Proper clothing & posture is equally necessary. One should be sitting or standing in a forwarding posture or erect posture, as it shows not only interest but also confidence. Eye contact is equally

important and adds great value to your conveyance. Body should be fit and fine. Physical exercise is a must. In lot of quantity. Daily and regularly. Lot of work out, gymming, aerobics and Tai-chi will surely see a new you among the crowd. As body language is entirely a different subject and cannot be covered up here completely, we more further on our next level of personal development plan ideas:

2. Personal development plan ideas at mental level:

If you really wish to reach your ultimate confident level, I highly recommend you read good self help, positive, motivational book. A lot of motivational and inspirational reading is surely going to add up in to your confidence. Regularly. keeping company of successful, positive and confident people will be quiet beneficial to develop one's self at mental level. Video cds, audio cds & inspirational messages will aid up in boosting your personality. Make it a habit of reading good self help book daily night. Take little portion of inspiration if time does not permit you, but do it regularly.

3. Personal development plan ideas at emotional level:

If one wishes to advance at emotional level the following ideas can be put in to practice.

=> Practice loving kindness:

Practice loving kindness in thoughts, words, deeds and actions. Even the reaction or pro reaction in thoughts, words, deeds and action should be over filled with loving kindness. One should not use slanderous words for anybody or for their actions. There are reasons. There are reason behind poverty. There are reasons behind poverty. There are reasons behind failures. There are reasons behind bad attitude. There are always valid reasons behind everything, every action and everybody, and not necessarily excuses. Always mentally, verbally, & emotionally bless others. Wish them success. Wish them bright, purposeful, progressive, safe & prosperous future. Wish them success. No matter what condition they are in, there are always ways to build your dreams. You can build your dreams by building other's dreams. As the ages old saying goes, "The Charity begins at home."

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One needs to start practicing loving kindness in thoughts, words, deeds & actions for one's self first, then comes the family, friends, neighbours & relatives & so fourth. Practicing loving kindness for the utmost strangers is the optimum level of love. Practicing it for your enemies is beyond optimum & can get back to you thousands of times multifold in the form of peace, prosperity, abundance and success.

4. Personal development plan ideas at social level:

To develop socially one needs to be ready to come out of his comfort zone. In fact, in any area of your life one needs to be willing to come out of his comfort zone. Take it business, career, education or social life.

One not only needs to learn how to make good friends but also how to build up strong bondages of healthy relationship with them. Getting a new customer is easy, maintaining him for life time is challenging so in business development also one needs to advance in building relationships. One needs to initiate the advance. For making new friends, building your dream customer, and to get to know that new comer in your classroom. Making and advance is really very necessary. And, that however comes through the confidence. Which again comes through regular practice. One could begin with a simple hello or even a sweet welcoming smile. Remember, eyes speak what brain is thinking. And hence, always make sure that your communicate get the right message. No ego, no personal ego, no emotional ego has any space between building relationships. Ego is a barrier. Put it a side for every now and then and try building up healthy relationships. Remember, there would be opposition, many emotional and mental barriers even social barriers before finally reaching to your dream destination relationship. Just give it a try. Remember, "Efforts may fail but never fail to effort."

Set up regular meeting, social settings & frequent communication with your new relationship. Keep advancing by your self but keep checking if they are really interested. Relationship is all about hide & seek, run and chase.

By Jagdish Mandavia
(iSynergy Institute Of English,Rajkot)

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