Personal Development Policies

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Personal Development Policies
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Personal development is a broad topic and covers the various activities that help to improve and enhance their skills, knowledge and talents. It can also refer to the tools and methods that contribute to the development of humans in organisations.

I shall be examining the various policies of individuals and organisations that help in the personal development process. Individuals can make several policies in their lives that would help them focus on what they need to do in order to develop themselves.

A policy is a course of action that an individual or organisation adopts or selects from a range of options. It is also a plan which embraces general goals and acceptable procedures.

Policies for Personal Development - Individuals

Individuals need to have certain policies in their life that will aid and speed up their personal development process. These are things which have been put in place to prevent them from making costly mistakes and taking them away from pursuing their goals or derailing their plans.

Individuals can come up with a policy in their life of not keeping bad company. For anyone who has a vision, the types of people that are their friends determine to a large extent how far they would go. So, it is important that due diligence is applied to ensure that the right type of people surround the individual to help them fulfil their purpose. If the wrong company of people are their

friends, there is the tendency that they might be derailed. Having a personal development policy in place will always stand as a guard to prevent the individual from making mistakes and destroying what they have taken time to build over the years.

They can also put in place a policy of reading a book daily. If they keep to this, it would greatly help in expanding the scope of knowledge they have and portray them as people with a sound mind. Without a policy in place, they have nothing that would make them accountable. Reading will help them develop themselves so this is a good way of ensuring that they do something worthwhile with their time.

They can have also have a policy of talking less and listening more to what people say. Without effective listening skills, communication is not usually complete so taking a decision to learn to talk less and listen more is good. Effective communication makes it easier for people to relate whether it is in a relationship, office or business setting. It helps people understand themselves and leads to increased productivity in the workplace.

Individuals can also develop a personal development policy of attending training seminars annually to enable them learn a new skill or enhance the level of knowledge they have in a particular area. They can make commitments to attend such programmes at certain times every year and take time to save money towards this. This will be beneficial to them as they would become skilled and have specialized knowledge in a particular area.

They can also have a policy of being early risers in order to enable them finish certain tasks before other people wake up. This makes them go to bed early every night so that they can wake at the exact time each morning to accomplish their goals.

Policies for Personal Development - Organisations

Organisations have policies that they could put in place to also assist in the personal development process of their workers. An organisational policy is a set of rules that guides individuals on what is expected of them. It also provides certain benefits and allows some privileges for their workers. Some of these are discussed below.

Organisations have training and development policies put in place to ensure that their workers are trained at specific areas every year. This is to help improve their performance and provide them with the requisite skills that would enable them contribute

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to the growth and development of the business. Trained employees perform better than those who lack regular training. Employees in these organisations also have a sense of worth when they are selected to attend these trainings and this also makes them become more dedicated, committed and loyal to the organisation. They are also able to provide excellent services to customers of the organisation.

Organisations also have certain policies that guide the promotion of staff. It is a reward given to employees who have performed excellently in their duties. Promotion provides benefits to both employees and employer. It helps to boost the morale of workers and increases the productivity of the organisation which ultimately increases its bottom line. Promotions also indicate that the employee is qualified to receive additional responsibilities and would be required to do more. It also helps in reducing the turnover of workers in the organisation as more of them would be retained. It also encourages competitiveness among workers and helps to build upcoming leaders among the workforce. Promotion is done based on certain criteria which include - the performance of the employee, years of employment, the skill of the employee, educational qualification, commitment and dedication to tasks.

Organisations also have personal development policies that enable qualified and committed employers rise to the top of the ladder and succeed outgoing leaders. In this regard, employees that are being developed for such positions should be given access to board meetings at certain times. This will enable them understand how things are done at the Management level. They should also be given opportunity to change roles and work in different departments to understand their operations. The organisation should also allow each employee express themselves as they desire.

The focus should be on developing employees with leadership skills that are different from those of the previous leaders. This will help the organisation position itself to achieve more. The current leaders should also be carried along in this process. The organisation should also focus on planning properly for leadership succession as the process takes time to build the right leaders.

There are also some other personal development policies that organisations implement that motivate employees to work harder and in turn they receive pay rises and better working conditions.

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