Personal Growth Examples

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Personal Growth Examples
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We all desire a better life and most of us are willing to do what is required to help us achieve more and have a fulfilled life. Everyone goes through different stages of development in life and is continuously learning new things which would contribute to their personal growth. No one can make the decision for us to grow but it must come from within us so that we would be able to sacrifice whatever is required. Personal growth does not come on a platter of gold but requires commitment, dedication and discipline.

Personal growth occurs in our lives when we decide to:

1. Understand ourselves better. It is said 'many know thyself.' Self discovery is paramount and vital for personal growth.
2. Improve our understanding and self awareness.
3. Work on our attitudes to make it better.
4. Never look down on ourselves but see the potentials we have.
5. Develop our abilities and skills.
6. Set, pursue and accomplish our goals.
7. Develop long term vision.

I will examine some personal growth examples and how they can developed as we go through our personal growth process.


It is a state of being confident in one's ability and self. When individuals go through the process of personal growth in their lives, one of the virtues it builds is self confidence. Many people lack confidence in themselves or their abilities therefore are unable to pursue their dreams and aspirations.

They are afraid of failure and do not make attempts to fulfil their dreams. Those who think out of the box and are daring are the ones who succeed. Many times, individuals may doubt the possibility of succeeding if they take a particular step but those that actually attempt it seldomly fail. Self confidence is built over time, most times after so many failures. Confident people are sure of the decisions they make and stand with them. They do not fear failure. A confident person can leave a job with the hope of starting and succeeding in business and surely enough they often do succeed. They are go getters and go after their goals in life regardless of the obstacles that are on the way. They are strong hearted and motivated only by their desire to succeed even when others have contrary opinions. It takes time to build this virtue but as individuals go along developing their mind and exposing themselves to the challenges of daily living, this becomes part of their lives.

You can boost your confidence level by: 1. Staying grateful for the successes and opportunities they have had, 2. Being prepared to face new challenges, 3. Making a decision never to accept failure, 4. Determining to act confident always, 5. Focusing on the positives and avoiding negativity, 6. Dressing and Speaking confidently.


People who are interested in developing themselves also learn over time to value themselves. They have a feeling of self worth and never allow situations or people to make them feel not valued. They are sure of themselves. Self worth refers to an individual estimation or evaluation of their worth. It has to do with an individual judging him or herself and their attitude to themselves. People who have a low self worth or self esteem have not bothered to undergo any personal growth experience so this makes them not see any value in who they are. Such people are intimidated and feel inferior in the presence of others. They see themselves as underachievers. You can know when someone feels this way about themselves through these signs: they always criticize themselves, focus on negatives, compare themselves with others, they don't accept compliments and talking negatively. Some of the causes of low self worth include: abuse during childhood, bullying, neglect, unemployment and poor

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academic performance.

Those who have a high self worth value themselves and do all that is required to excel and succeed in life. You can improve and boost self worth by: speaking positively about yourself, never comparing yourself with any other person, exercising, making effort to be better, focusing on your successes, staying helpful and considerate of others.


People who are going through the personal growth process have learnt how to adjust their behaviour and control their temperaments. We all face difficult and challenging situations at various times in our lives but those who are mature and have developed themselves always strive to improve their behaviour in private and public. The way an individual behaves can make others see him as responsible or irresponsible. This shows in the way we speak and act in the public. Our attitudes and mannerisms also depict the type of character we have. Personal growth helps you behave maturely. Our attitude, upbringing, peer influences and several other factors all play a role in affecting the behaviour we exhibit. We can improve our behaviour by understanding ourselves better, watch out for negative triggers, stay positive in our mind, showing acts of kindness to others, learning patience and persistence.


One of the things that personal growth helps to develop is the ability to become responsible. Any person who is not responsible will ultimately fail in life. We must learn to take responsibility for all of our actions. Irresponsible people most times remain failures. People do not place any value on an irresponsible person. Personal growth experience helps to make us better people to our families and society at large. Responsibility is simply the state of being accountable or responsible. When we take responsibility, we have truly begun to grow. It makes us more confident and capable or solving problems, it helps us to develop better relationships in both private and personal lives, it improves our decision making process and makes people see us as role models. People are attracted to responsible individuals. you can also learn how to be responsible by discovering your purpose for living, pursuing your dreams, showing respect for the opinions of others and developing your values.

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