Personal Growth

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Personal Growth
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Personal growth is the responsibility of every individual and requires a committed and dedicated approach. We all have goals and aspirations but it is important that you understand that until you take responsibility for your own growth, it will not just happen. When we are born into this world, our parents and guardians have the responsibility of nurturing us till when we come of age and are able to take care of ourselves. In the process of life, there are stages and phases in our personal growth. Each phase is unique and may require a different approach. On the journey from childhood to adulthood, our needs, aspirations and plans also vary but it is a process of becoming better in a way that is personal and meaningful to the individual. Growth in our lives should come on various fronts such as spiritual, social, emotional, mental and physical which will allow an individual live a satisfied and fulfilled life.

We all have unsatisfied needs and continuously changing goals as we advance through life. To achieve growth in our lives, we must develop the right plan of action. This is what we call, a personal growth plan.

Your Personal Growth Plan
For you to achieve growth in any area of life, you must be able to define in clear terms what your goals are. Every great man succeeded because he was able to identify his goals and pursued them till he achieved them. This plan helps you highlight the required steps you need to take to bring

about progress in your life.

From your personal growth plan, you will be able to-
1. Define your 'Why'
There must be something that motivates you, something which drives you towards success or else you will become unmotivated to pursue any goal to its logical conclusion.

2. Get Clarity
Your plan will help you see clearly what your goals are and what you need to do, that is, the sacrifices you need to make to achieve them. Clarity is required in order to make any positive headway in life and your personal growth is unattainable if you do not know where you are going.

3. Develop A Course of Action
Your personal growth plan will enable you determine the course of action to take in any given situation. It will be the reason why you wake in the morning and will keep you motivated every day.

Key contents of your Personal Growth Plan
Your personal growth plan will also include other things that will enable you clearly see where you are going and how you will get there. I will discuss some of them at this point.

1. What is the Purpose of my Life?
You will need to understand the reason why you are alive. If you do not know why you exist, that is, your purpose, every other thing will fail. A wise man once said, if the purpose of a thing is unknown, abuse is inevitable. A life without purpose will be misdirected. Your personal growth plan must seek to answer this questions of purpose. It is very important.

2. What are your Dreams?
You will need to find out what keeps you motivated in life. What is it that keeps you going on and on? What drives you in life? The dream you carry inside you pushes you towards great success. What do you see in your mind's eye? What are you passionate about? You will need to clearly search yourself to know the dreams that are hidden inside you and allow this to push to great accomplishments in life.

3. What do you believe and value in life?
You will need to work on your beliefs and values in life if you are to succeed in life. Your beliefs are important because they either hinder you or stop you in your tracks. We all need to have values. There are things we should not be found doing. There are places we should not be found at. There are certain lifestyles that should not be associated with us. All these influence our lives and determine if we will ever achieve personal growth or not.

4. What are your goals in Life?
Goals keep us going in life and enables us define our destination and how we are to

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get there. Our goals are personal to us. It could be goals related to our marriage, business, academics or job. There are short, medium and long term goals which enable us take stock of our lives at regular intervals. Goals helps us achieve our personal growth plans.

Short term goals- what you want to accomplish in the near future, possibly in the next 2-3 months.
Medium term goals- what you want to achieve in maybe 3 months - 3 years.
Long term goals- the things you want to achieve in 3 or more years.

Our goals must also be SMART. This means they must be-
S- your goals must be specific or else they are really not goals but dreams.
M- the goals you set for yourself must be measurable, that is, you know exactly what you will experience or feel when these goals are attained.
A- these goals must be attainable, therefore, you should weigh the costs, time and effort required.
R- the goals you have set should also be relevant to you and what you intend to achieve.
T- your goals should have timelines attached to them to show if progress is being made.

Barriers to Personal Growth
1. Lack of Vision
Not knowing where you are going in life is a tragedy. This can be a major barrier to personal growth. Develop a vision for your life, picture a future for yourself and work towards it.

2. Pursuing several Goals at a Time
You will need to pursue your goals one at a time. When you accomplish one goal, you can then move on to the next one. Doing so many things at the same time will produce little or no result.

3. Lack of Time Management
The absence of time management skills results in stunted growth in life. You must allocate the time available to you properly. Efficient time management is a major success factor.

4. Lack of Self Appraisals
You must have intervals when you sit back to appraise yourself to know if you are making progress or not.

5. Lack of Requisite Skills
Developing the skills that would enhance your personal growth is important if you desire to leave a mark in life. Identify the skills you need and take steps to acquire them.

6. Inferiority Complex
Having an inferiority complex will always keep you down on the floor. You must think positively to build the right mentality that would help your personal growth plans.

I hope this article helps you in the development of an effective personal growth plan. You can become all you want to be in life!!!

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