Personality Development Activities

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Personality Development Activities
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Developing personality in this age is really very vital, important and unavoidable. No progress, development and advancement are possible with out personality development activities. There are various stages of personality development and hence various activities to advance in it.

Personality development begins with inner personality and ends with outer personality which is physical appearance, speech, looks, dressing sense etc., But Actually it begins with inner or internal personality development.

The outer personality, including finishing, grooming, self and personal grooming, dressing sense, walking style, positive body language, keeping eye contact while talking, or even the communication skills are part of external or outer personality which again begins with internal or inner personality only.

A person would & speak what he is thinking what he speaks is what we think is outer personality. For example when you listen a very nice public speaker on the stage, you initially begin to think what a nice speech, what a nice personality. This, actually isn't his outer personality.

What one speaks, is the mere transformation of his thoughts. And thoughts come through internal or inner personality. Inner guidance, inner view, inner beliefs & beliefs systems, Not all knowledge & wisdom & speech come through the crown. Those are the higher souls. So, it is mainly internal personality which manifests as outer personality.


needs to develop inner personality first. Because, our outer personality is a mere reflection of our inner personality. If one is calm with in, outer circumstances will bring more calmness in to one's life. And so on. It all begins from with in.

Reading good self help books, motivational, inspirational books, listening or watching to motivational audio-video or attending inspirational workshops will surely aid in. And, there fore is a crucial & beginner's step towards developing one's personality. All these tools will simply change your thinking patterns, belief systems & mind set towards various aspects of life, namely financial. Success, relationship building, business development & many more.

Remember, regularity and consistency are the best part of a good personality and while building good personality they both are the stepping stone and must be attended to once daily whatever you might be willing to improve in your self, always remember be consistent and regular.

Keeping contact & regular communication with good, positive and successful people will boost your confidence.

So, reading good books and keeping your self surrounded by lots of successful, positive people are the beginner's spoon feeding.

Then comes the body language.

Reading, studying, and keenly observing other successful, self motivated and especially confident people's body language is major important part of developing one's personality.

use positive, confident body language.

use appropriate body language.

Show concern verbally and visually.

Remember, people go to SEE the speaker on the stage not to listen to him. It's your virtual verbal picturesque speech along with appropriate body language that makes the most difference no matter how powerful your speech is, If it is not accompanied with proper body language, your presentation will not leave a lasing impression on your audience.

Never ever use the power posture. Nor ever be so meek and humble. Mean what you say, so the body will automatically tend to support your words and messages will be send to you target audience.

Keeping eye contact is major important factor in positive body language. It should be moderate as well. Too much of staring is totally negative approach. Gazing is good. But avoid too much of gazing or staring. Remember, she's staring

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at you because she really likes you, or else she really wants to kill you.

Use positive attitude gestures. But avoid gestures that show over attitude or over confidence. Avoid being overly suppressive or overly dominant. Also avoid being overly meek or under confident and needy. Use adequate eye contact with your addressee. Your eyes should mean what message you verbally convey.

Dressing comes next to body language.

Poor dressing is not mostly permissible in most social settings. One really needs to know good dressing sense if not, needs to learn. your clothings should be appropriate. Various organizations have various culture of clothings. If you are a new joinee, simply observe what's the formal dress code for working days and for week ends.

Dressings shows the whole culture and mentality. Over night change in dressing sense is not possible neither appreciable. You need to let people welcome you in new you. You need to let people know that you are adaptable to change and fashion and that you really want to come out old you and live a new you. It takes time for people to accept a new you. Gradual improvement is suggestable while doing complete make over. To get started, try wearing something which is comfortable, and in-things. You don't need to flaunt. Just be your self. Something that makes you confident. Something that you find comfortable. Matching the clothing is really necessary. It should be looking good. Too sharp & bright or too dull colours will be easily destructible for others and hence will make you center point either positively or negatively. And that you don't need to be. Remember confidence is always silent. You really don't need to be in lime light always. And, once you begin that game, it is endless. And will ultimately lead to stress and frustration. So, just be your self. And, keep learning.

Next work out with your hair style. For various occasions, various hair styles are suggestable. Beginning from business setting, to social, family gathering to educational hair styles. Various hair styles, for various occasions. work out which one suits you best.

Physical exercises will boost your immunity. And confidence. It will also aid up in your posture and body language. It will obviously get more confident. Ultimately leading to better personality.

By Jagdish Mandavia
(iSynergy Institute Of English,Rajkot)

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