Personality Development And Public Relation

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Personality Development And Public Relation
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Personality development is the responsibility of the individual involved. It is the process by which people develop the type of personality they desire and are ready to do all that is required to accomplish it. Personality is influenced by several factors beginning from the type of family upbringing an individual had; the environment in which they were raised; their school training and other exposure they might have had in life. The influences of peers and friends also affect the development of personality.

Public relations officers and departments in organizations need to understand the concept of personality development as it helps them carry out their duties better and more effectively. It helps them as they carry out activities which involve sensitizing the public and promoting the image of the organization. They are the face of the organization and must develop themselves properly in order to perform well in public relations. The public relations officer in the organization should be able to carry out functions such as:

- Should be good talkers

They take responsibility to ensure that they are able to communicate the right information to their targeted audience. This will involve developing ideas and strategies that would help generate the interest of the public in the services and products of the organization. The public relations officer should also be competent enough and skilled in marketing and communications if he is to

succeed. If the individual lacks the right personality, it would be difficult to achieve success in this area. Effective marketing and communication determines to a large extent how successful a public relations officer and department will be. The organization depends largely on this department for its sales success. Those who are in charge in this area must be committed and able to develop the right strategies that would produce result. Public relations are all about building relationships so they need to be sociable and friendly.

- Should be good managers of crisis

They should know how to handle crisis situations and should be able to resolve conflicts with tact. It is an important requirement for public relations professionals and should form part of their personality. They must not be people who fuel conflicts but understand how to manage crisis effectively. Public relations people should understand how to relate with colleagues and the public as most of their activities are centered on serving people.

- Should be knowledgeable

As part of their personality development, public relations people need to be knowledgeable on various subjects and issues. They are the face of the organization and should have the skill required to write press releases and hold press conferences. It is also important that they are able to cultivate and build the right relationships with partners in the media as this will give them leverage to showcase the organization's activities and services.

- Should be a great planner

Public relations people should be skilled in planning, developing and implementing effective PR strategies for their organizations. Planning is very important in executing public relations activities and should be given adequate consideration. Without the ability to plan properly, they will make mess of the whole process so this is a key factor.

- Should be skilled in writing

They should also have developed themselves to write well as they would be required to develop letters, press release and emails. Writing skills are important for every public relations person. Skill in this area comes from years of experience and practice. Working on the job also for a period of time also makes it easier to develop this skill. It distinguishes people in this field from others who lack the skill.

- Should be well informed


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relations practitioners should be very well informed on happenings and developments in the industry. They should know something about their clients and the industry. It takes time and hardwork to develop this so it is important for PR officers to identify what areas they need to improve themselves and go for it. Information is vital in this century and they need to be up-to-date as this will make them successful. They should also strive to know the products and services that are offered by the organization in which they work as this will enable them market it to potential clients. If they lack adequate knowledge, it would make it difficult for them to succeed.

- Should be good public speakers

Public relations people are always on the road and in contact with potential or existing clients. This requires good speaking skills. It is therefore important for those in this field to develop the requisite abilities in this area as this will make them more successful in their career. They should be able to pass across relevant information to their target market clearly and specifically. It is also important that they learn how to speak confidently whether it is to one person or a group of people.

- Should be good at multi-tasking

Successful public relations practitioners are good at multitasking. They should be able to handle several aspects of their work at once is important and a key to their success in the industry. This should form part of the personality of the individual if they are to excel in this field.

- Should be good in research work

Public relations practitioners should also know how to develop themselves in carrying out research. It is an important aspect of their work and effort should be made to learn this skill. They would need to know how to carry out research in any particular industry and get accurate results.

Every profession has individuals who have the right personalities that will enable them succeed and make maximum impact. Public relations work is not for everybody but for individuals that understand the importance of cultivating and maintaining relationships. A vibrant PR department in any organization determines how successful that organization would be. It is a major engine room for the growth and development of an organization. Individuals who have developed their personalities to suit the industry will succeed.

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