Personality Development Its Importance In Today's World

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Personality Development Its Importance In Today's World
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We can describe Personality development as the process individuals go through in developing certain behavioral traits and patterns by which they are known for. Our personalities are developed over the years from childhood through to the adult stage. It is a continuous process of learning and re-learning. Our experiences, upbringing, relationships, exposure and the environment in general all play a great role in influencing the type of personality we eventually develop. We are all different because our experiences and upbringing may look similar but are unique to us. It is said that even those who are born into the same family as identical twins still develop unique personalities. Each individual determines how the circumstances they encounter through life would affect them. Some may be affected negatively and others positively as we do not respond similar situations in the same way. Every person is responsible to a great extent for the type of personality themselves to develop. It is important for individuals to understand this very important subject as this will help them in knowing how to condition and discipline themselves to achieve it. We are all known by the personality we exhibit so there is need to pay attention to this subject.

The Importance of Personality Development

In the world today, personality development is an important factor that determines how far an individual can go in life. I shall highlight some key points in this article to elaborate

further on this.

1. It determines how successful you may be in life:
Personality development affects the entire life of an individual and even those around him. It determines to a very large extent the successes he would experience in his life. Without making an effort to develop the right personality, an individual will face struggles and failure every step of his life. It is important therefore for attention to be given to this subject. It can determine if an individual will be a success or failure in life. How you behave, talk and think ultimately affect the quality of the decisions you would make. Your decisions will eventually the type of life you will live. If your personality is defective, your life will be defective. Focus should be given by everyone build themselves properly. You can make a success of your life by thinking, talking and behaving right. Success is a result of a series of steps that individuals take over the years. They must develop the right attitudes, attributes and character that would lead to success in their lives. Those that eventually become successes in life are always to learn and forget the past so that the future can be better. They are self motivated and daring; courageous and bold; driven and focused; always seek new ways of doing things and ready to sacrifice whatever is required.

2. It determines your social circle and relationships:
The personality you have developed over the years determine the social circle you will belong to. An individual who has a likable personality will attract the right kind of people into his life and would be able to build good relationships with others. There are social circles in the society that you may not be able to belong to due to the type of personality you have. It limits to an extent the influence you may also be able to have on people. Personality development affects you relationships with people in your family. If you are kind, likable and considerate; they would easily be drawn to you and enjoy your company. It also affects the type of relationship that would exist between you and your colleagues or subordinates in the work place. The type of personality you possess also determines how successful and productive you will be in the work place. It enables you relate with

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everyone and be able to improve productivity among the workers. A leader who is uneducated and experienced should not be expected to produce as much as one who is both educated and experienced. Your moods also affect those who work with you so if you are someone that has been able to develop his personality aright, it is easier for your subordinates and employees to flow freely with you. Some people have lots of friends while others don't have any at all. It is the extent to which they have developed their personalities that determines this. If your personality is one that is shy and timid, it would be difficult for you to lead others unless you determine to improve and develop yourself further. To enjoy career success, individuals must strive to develop not only their working skills but emotional intelligence which would be helpful in dealing with colleagues and customers. Personality development is a process and not something you wish to happen out of the blues. It takes discipline, commitment and time.

3. It determines your behaviour:
People who have not developed their personalities properly and allow past events and challenges affect their lives grow up with bad and aggressive moods. Those who understand that allowing these past events determine their future would lead to unpleasant consequences make efforts not to allow them remain but make efforts to move forward. This they can achieve by developing the right mindset which focuses on becoming a better person. Our personalities determine our reactions to issues; the type of job and career we can be get involved in; how we spend or save money. It is a very important subject.

4. Personality development helps us develop the level of our thinking. It leads people to do more studies and investigate to know more about the issues of life. In the process of study and research, they acquire more knowledge and improve their thinking skills.

5. Personality development enables individuals live more fulfilled lives as they are able to refine their character and mindset. It plays an important role in making them come out with more refined characters and lifestyles. From the above points, the importance that personality development plays in our lives have been clearly highlighted.

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