Personality Development Tips for Girls

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Personality Development Tips for Girls
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Teenage age is usually a time when young girls face a lot of identity crisis due to peer pressure and their desire to do things their own way. The development of our individual personalities evolves from one stage to the other and these are influenced by the environment, peers, parental upbringing and family background.

Just like every other person, young girls need to be focused and determined to develop the right personality and this requires work. We can choose how our lives will turn out and it is in our power to refuse external factors from influencing our personality.

I have outlined in this article a few personality building tips for girls.

Girls should learn how not to be selfish especially when it comes to showing love to their family and friends. They should learn how to give back love to those who care for them. It is a good idea to share quality time with family members, friends and all those that care about you. It speaks volumes about who you are.

It is good for girls to discover those things that would help them relax and concentrate their minds. It may be found in a hobby such as reading, listening to music, writing, drawing or even dancing. It is always exciting to discover new things that help you enjoy life. You may even decide to learn a new language. Any of these new activities or hobbies will ultimately make you feel fulfilled

and relaxed.

You can get to discover more about yourself by taking time each day or week to reflect on your life. It is good to meditate and speak positive things about yourself. If you develop this routine, you will be amazed at the boost it will give to you which will also reflect on your personality.

This personality building tip draws people closer to you. People prefer to associate with those who smile than people who carry frowns on their face always. Learn how to smile even there might be no reason to. It makes you appear friendly to those who see you.

As you go through life, you should always desire to be a better person each day. In order to become that person you picture, there are adjustments you would need to also make to your character and life in general that will boost your personality. Write down the areas where you should adjust and come up with solutions that will help you effect those changes. You may be shy and want to become bolder and less timid. Decide on the steps to take to achieve this. It may also be that you talk a lot and you can decide to learn how to talk only when it is necessary. You have the ability to mould your personality how you want it.

To help you become more fruitful and focused in life, you may need to start using a journal. You can start by writing down your daily experiences and the plans you want to follow for each day. In this journal, you can also put down the things which trouble you and your successes and achievements each day. It will give you an idea on what to do and expect each day as you step out.

Young girls need to pay attention to how they behave outside. It is important that they develop the right carriage and posture which helps portray a good image about them. Posture is something you should work on. Girls should learn to sit properly; walk with relaxed and confident steps; choose their words when they speak. Always remember to portray yourself as a growing lady whenever you are in the public space.

It is good to know that

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no human being is perfect and we all make mistakes. So do not think that you must be perfect. The relevant thing is to realize when you have made a mistake and strive to be better. Learn to be yourself and do not copy any other person. Be an original. Accept the fact that in life, we succeed and sometimes, we fail. So if you fail in some things, don't get into a bad mood. Dust yourself up and move on.

Every person has good and bad habits but we all need to develop our good habits more. We should also be careful not to keep bad habits for so long because they could grow and become difficult to change. Some of us have bad habits like biting our fingers, touching our face and hair constantly, busting pimples on our face, talking too much. If you keep maintaining those bad habits, it will affect how people perceive you. In order to work on this, you should first of all identify what that bad habit is and begin to do the opposite when the feelings come up in you. After a while, the good habits begin to become normal things you do.

Most young girls do not realize how important this point is to how people perceive them. Most people sweat a lot and after a while, this it sticks to the skin and gives out a bad smell. To give your body a good smell especially when you are with people, you can spray perfume and apply a deodorant. This will remove every bad odor from your skin and make you smell fresh. This will speak volumes about your personality.

It is said that make up makes girls look 'girlier.' There are some secrets you should known when applying make-up such as: apply make-up carefully and sparingly, i.e. do not apply too much on your face; remember to wipe it off at the end of the day so that your pores do not get clogged up. It is suspected that too much make-up causes wrinkles in the future. Select the make-up that suits the shape of your face.

Other tips include: dress the way you would like to be addressed; maintain well trimmed; take care of your hair and teeth; drink lots of water and exercise regularly. These are a few personality development tips that will help young girls as they prepare for their future.

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