Personality Development Tips for Women

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Personality Development Tips for Women
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Women go through different phases in their lives as their personalities develop over time. This process requires time and commitment. They may have had some experiences in life which may have shaped their lives and explain why they react to issues the way they do. There are also other influences from different sources that also shape their lives. Women can decide the type of personality they desire and work at it. It is possible. In the work place, family and relationships, our personality plays a role on how successful we will become. In some societies of the world, women are brought up to be subservient to men and this leads to a lack of confidence and under-achievement. Many of them were brought with the notion that they are not to stand up to a man or speak up in places where men are. Women have the same potential as men to excel at whatever they are involved in whether be it in the office, career or business. Today, there are a lot of female executives, business people, in fact they are everywhere and are able to do what men alone used to do and even better.

It is very important for a woman to learn what is required to help them develop the right personality which will make them sought out in any area they venture into. I have listed a few tips which are available to them to help in their personality development and these will bring transformation to their lives.


Positive Thinking : This is very

important for women in order to keep their minds focused on their goals. Never think negatively about yourself or feel inferior to a man. Negative thinking attracts the wrong things and people to you so endeavour to think positively always. You can easily do this by focusing your thoughts on the things you are good at with a view to improving on them. Let your right thoughts influence how you speak. Don't allow negative thoughts to make you feel intimidated in the midst of your male counterparts. Positive thinking brings out the best in you. Always strive to be the best in everything you do.

Be confident : It is important that you are comfortable with your appearance as it shows in your body language. Be comfortable with yourself in any environment you find yourself. Self confidence is very important and will help you stand shoulder high wherever you are. Confidence should form part of your personality as a woman. You can build your confidence level in these ways: always acting the part of a confident woman, dress like a confident and successful woman, speak confidently and act confidently.

Communicate effectively : The ability to communicate clearly and effectively is important for women and this helps in developing the right personality. If you are timid and shy, take out time each day to speak to yourself in the mirror or practice by talking to your family and friends. Develop the right professional tone and ensure that you always sound confident. Develop a communication style that clearly expresses your thoughts to your hearers.

Good Listening Skills : Learn not to cut people off when they are talking but develop excellent listening ability. This is a good tip that would in your personality development. You can listen better if you: stop talking when others speaking, prepare yourself to listen patiently, help to relax the person speaking, stay focused on the speaker, empathize with the speaker, remove all prejudices.

Make positive self-affirmations : Women can use self affirmations to help in personality development. These are positive statements which enable the subconscious mind to develop a positive perception of you. They can also help women accomplish their goals and change any harmful

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behaviour and bad attitude. They are easy to create and use but require your commitment.

Steps to take to create good self affirmations : what should be the content of your affirmations? Focus on the things you like about yourself such as: "I am hard worker, I am dedicated to fulfilling my goals, I am beautiful." These are affirmations of who you are and who you want to be. You should also consider the negative things you want to take away or positive goals you want achieve. Affirmations help in those areas as well.

In writing down affirmations, you can use I can, I will = I can quit smoking, I can stop drinking alcohol; everything is possible with me. Keep repeating these affirmations till they become pictures in your mind. Meditation would also help you in this regard. You can also leave notes or reminders in different parts of your office or home to remind you of your decision.

Dress well : Well dressed women are confident women. You need to learn to dress the role whether at home, in business or in your career. We are addressed most times the way we are addressed. This also boosts our self confidence most times and as we know confidence influences our personality development positively.

See yourself as a success : Your mindset plays a great role in the process of personality development. How you think is what you are and will become. Never see yourself as a failure but success. Envision where you going and how to get there. Develop: a vision, your short term, medium term and long term goals, the plan that will enable you get there. What you see is what you get. If you see failure, it will be attracted to you. In your career, do you see a future there? Can you grow to the top of your career leader and be in management? Do you see yourself as a potential leader today?

Forget about the past mistakes : If you have failed in the past, leave it there and move forward. See a better tomorrow. Everyone makes mistakes at some point in life, it is unique to you. As a woman, forget the things in the past and look to the future. The future is brighter and has great potentials for you, your business, your family and your career. Forgive yourself for the mistakes, learn from them and move on.

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