Personality Development for College Students

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Personality Development for College Students
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Every individual has their peculiar pattern of behaviour and reaction to the situations and challenges of life. We all have different ways of perceiving things and responding to emotions. Our daily habits and attitudes depict our personality. These attitudes and behavioural patterns are influenced largely by our family background, upbringing and social relationships.

Your personality as a college student also influences how you think, your beliefs and values, how serious you will take your studies, how you will perceive and relate with other people. It also helps you develop confidence and self-esteem and affects how you view the world around you. It is important to note that personality development is not limited to the external but includes how to develop your inner being in order to bring positive changes to your life.

I have highlighted the very important seven (7) pillars of personality development and a few other tips that would be helpful to college students as they go through school.

7 Pillars of Personality Development you need to know

Each individual has their peculiar nature which we refer to as personality. This is what makes us different from every other person. There are basically seven pillars of personality which we will go through here.

1. Identity: Many individuals especially students in their college days do not understand who they are. They seem to lose their identity and

uniqueness. Most times, they allow themselves to be misdirected by other people. It is important for you to understand that who you are and what your purpose on earth really is. We are all different from each other and are to carve our own path in life. As a college student, discover the path you want to walk on in life and what you want to achieve as you leave college. What you see is what you pursue. If you are not seeing anything in the future, your attitude today will be careless. Self discovery is the most important discovery an individual can make. Without it, you will allow anything to go in your life.

2. Purpose: This is closely related to the pillar which I discussed above. If you lack purpose, you will never succeed. Everyone, and that includes you was created for a purpose, to fulfil a need. We are created for each other so discover what need you are created to satisfy in the life of others. Resources and support find their way to people who have discovered their purpose in life. If you lack purpose as a college student, you will lack a sense of direction. If there is anything you should seek is the discovery of purpose. Ask yourself, what am I created for? What is my purpose on earth? Do not rest until you discover the exact purpose or reason for your existence. This is what will keep you going as a student. It will push you to read more. It will help you become more disciplined and focused. A wise man said, "if the purpose of a thing is unknown, abuse is inevitable." If you do not know why you are in college, you will waste your years there and come out empty.

3. Self worth: As a college student, you need to understand that you are valuable and worth something. If you do not have any self worth, you will accept rubbish from anybody. If you don't value yourself, you will allow people treat you badly. You need to believe in yourself and have positive thoughts about your life. How you see yourself determines how you live your life and who you relate with. A focused and determined student who sees a future ahead will mingle with students who are going in the same direction. Understanding your self-worth is very important.

4. Vision: As a college student, continually develop and build on your vision for your life. It is the ability to see. You will need to create a vision for the time you are going to spend in school and when you graduate. Vision gives

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you a picture of your future. Without a vision, your future is not in view, it gives you a reason to live. It helps you see how your life would turn out. Do not live just for today but see beyond it. Develop a vision statement for your life. This is a narrow future-oriented declaration of your purpose and aspirations.

Your vision must carry four components. These include: a) This what we call the why of the vision- what is the purpose of the vision. There must be a reason behind the vision unless it will fail. This is what will motivate you to pursue it until it is achieved. This vision will guide you as a college student to always make the right decisions. b) The picture or image you have of how things will be. This keeps you going. c) The values you need to possess if the vision will ever be fulfilled. There are expected standards of behaviour that will help you achieve the vision you have set for your life. d) You should set goals that would help in the achievement of the vision. Goals are milestones that keep you focused on the vision. These goals must be SMART - that is, they must be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely. Your goals show if you are making progress towards your vision.

5. Good habits: Habits help college students in developing their personality. When you form the right habits, people see its effects on you. Bad habits eventual affect you and makes people stay away from you. Learn to develop enough good habits. Successful people develop good habits. They have learnt to do the things that unsuccessful people don't do. Make it a part of your daily routine to develop good habits. Before long it that habit is part of you. Make it a habit to associate with only the right type of people, talk less, read and explore more, exercise your body.

6. Think positively: Successful people are positive thinkers. They do not see things in a negative light. Positive thinkers attract good things to themselves and you should remember that what you think is what you become. Learn to focus your mind on positive things.

7. Always be Productive: College students should learn how to be productive every day. For an individual to become successful, he must be able to plan his time and resources properly in order to become productive. Productivity in life is a function of how well you use the little resources available to you to make gains.

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