Personality Development for Teachers

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Personality Development for Teachers
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Any one may aspire to be a teacher but to become an excellent and great teacher requires certain characteristics and qualities. Good teachers should be able to inspire their students and build in them the desire to become great in life. Teachers must learn how to develop their personalities in order to become productive and successful in their careers. Teachers are like other individuals whose personalities have evolved over the years and have been influenced by their experiences and exposure in life. To a large extent, these all play a role in the way individuals view life and how they will manage their teaching career.

There are several personality development tips that teachers need to help them build a successful career. I will be discussing these in this article.

1. Discipline
One quality all teachers should possess is discipline. Teachers must be disciplined in the way they live their lives as they are supposed to teach and enforce the same in their students. An undisciplined person cannot function effectively as a teacher. Strictness is not necessarily discipline. Teachers should know how to comport themselves before their students. It is therefore important that they should understand and learn the do's and don'ts of their profession if they want to be successful.

Discipline helps to build character. Without it, an individual, not to talk of a teacher, would be seen as irresponsible. It guides you

in the choices you make and helps you in building your career. Teachers who are not disciplined have nothing of value to offer to their students. Without it, you will be unable to fulfil your professional aspirations and will lack the moral right to question or correct your students when they misbehave. The importance of cultivating a disciplined life cannot be overemphasized. This would determine to a large extent your success or failure as a teacher.

2. Dedication
Another tip that would help teachers build their personality and the perception people would have them is the need to be dedicated to their assignment. Dedication talks about commitment, dogged focus to their work. Anyone who is dedicated seeks for opportunities to grow so that they can impact the lives of others. A dedicated person will go far in life and would excel above others. They will be willing to make the needed sacrifices to enhance themselves and their careers. Teachers who are dedicated will always be excited about the job regardless of the tough challenges they will experience. Enthusiasm is a quality which every dedicated teacher possesses. Dedication to their career and students keeps them going when the going gets tough.

Every profession has its own difficulties but a dedicated teacher will remain steadfast and never gives up. Dedication is an important personality building tip that teachers should covet as this sets them apart from others in the same profession. Students are attracted to these types of teachers and they have influence upon the lives of people they may not even know are looking up to them.

3. Creativity
Another personality development tip that teachers must imbibe is the need to be creative in thinking and in the art of teaching. This will distinguish them in their career as the level of creativity that they are able to bring into their teaching will determine how well their students perform. Creativity can be cultivated. A creative teacher will be successful in his profession and will be sought after by students. Their approach to teaching will be interesting and students will find it easier to understanding what is being taught. It is a major key to capturing the attention of students and helps remove every distraction during learning.

You can introduce different approaches or style when teaching as long as it benefits the student. This may include introducing role plays, fun games and

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other ways which help to teach the student a subject in a very interesting way. This approach to teaching always leaves an indelible impression on the student.

4. Enthusiasm
Students get excited to learn when a teacher shows excitement when teaching. A dull and an uninteresting teacher can really not impart knowledge to a student. A teacher would only be enthusiastic if they love what they do. It is also very contagious. If you excited about teaching, it affects your students also. This quality helps to get you out of bed in the morning and drives to work. Without it, teachers will have no drive or zeal to grow in their profession. It is enthusiasm that will push a teacher to search for more knowledge to become the best they could be.

It helps enhance the personality of teachers and endears them to the heart of both students and their parents.

5. Empathy
Teachers also need to be empathetic. This will add to their personality development. Empathy is being sensitive to the needs of people. Teachers should be empathetic to the needs of their students and seek to discover ways to help and assist them if they experience difficulty in learning. They should learn how to relate with their students and make themselves available to help them in areas which are tough for them. The teacher needs to be understanding of their needs and patient in dealing with them. Many students look up to their teacher for guidance and wisdom so teachers should strive not to disappoint their trust.


1. They get easily agitated
One negative personality trait that teachers exhibit is the ease with which they get irritable and agitated with their students. This may be as a result of a student's inability to grasp a subject. When teachers constantly exhibit this trait, students may continually do things that will get them agitated.

2. They are overly sensitive
Some teachers react negatively or excessively to the misbehaviour of their students and this will cause tension in the classroom.

3. They are pessimistic
Teachers who are pessimistic in nature would be unable to create an environment that is conductive for learning. They exhibit negative feelings towards their students and this is revealed by their body language or tone of voice. This is not good also.

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