Personality Development for Teenagers

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Personality Development for Teenagers
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At various stages in our development as teenagers, we need to take conscious steps to enhance our personalities. There are also experiences and influences that contribute to the type of personality we have developed through the years. Each individual has their own unique personality, that is, how they see things; how they react to situations; their peculiar attitudes and behaviour.

It is also observed that most teenagers do not realize the important of personality development and become careless with their lives. If you develop a good personality, it attracts people to you.

In this article, I shall be examining some tips that would help teenagers in the development of their personality.

- Maintain a Positive Outlook to Life
As you develop as a teenager, this is one important virtue to cultivate in your personality. There is a need to always have a positive mindset as this will birth positive outcomes for you in life. Most times, your expectations become your reality. As a teenager, you need to know that you are in charge of your life and it is what you permit that happens. If you see success, you will become successful. If you expect good things, you will surely receive them. If you see academic success, you will do well academically. Your mindset is key to achievements as a teenager, so do all you can to cultivate a positive mindset.

- Develop Good Habits
Habits are easy to form if we

continuously practise them daily. It takes the same amount of time to form both good and bad habits in your life as a teenager. You can develop good reading and health habits if you put your mind to it. If you make a decision to apply yourself to read a book every day or every week and keep to it, in a little while, it will become a part of you. You can also form healthy habits that would ensure your physical health and wellness. This you can start by eating healthy nutritional food; get regular exercise; ensure you have enough time to relax and rest your body. Exercising your body on a regular basis makes you feel happier, lighter and healthier. It is good to have a balance in your life.

- Surround yourself with Positive People
The friends and acquaintances you maintain determine to an extent how far you will go in life. It is important that you pay good attention to this because your success or failure in life is dependent on this. The people you relate with daily influence you greatly by their actions, thoughts or speech. Consciously make a decision to associate with positive, happy and optimistic people and avoid negative people by all means. Negativity brings unhappiness so decide from today not to associate with negative people.

You have the right to choose your friends and nobody should force his or herself on you as a friend. This decision must be deliberate on your part so that you do not regret tomorrow. Those who had friends who have no vision would eventually become failures tomorrow. You need to be careful of the type of influences you allow in your life.

- Create your future
As a teenager, what are you seeing about your future? Do you have any vision for your life? If you have not started, begin to develop a picture of your future. What you do today affects your tomorrow. You should create mental pictures of what you want to accomplish and become in the future. It is this picture that motivates you to move on in life even in the face of challenges and resistances. This picture must be created on your inside first before it will reflect on the outside. What you carry in your inner man determines what you will experience. Your future is in your hands.

- Make Positive Affirmations
The types of words you speak

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determine if you will succeed or fail. Learn to speak positive words to yourself and never use negative words. Your actions and emotions are determined by how you feel about yourself. Focus your speech and language on the things that make you happy and push to success. Your words water your life so be careful what you say about yourself. If there is no encouragement from anyone, you should learn to encourage yourself and continue moving towards the achievement of your goals in life. Do not allow the negative experiences of your life to shape how you perceive yourself.

- Be focused in life
Whatever you are focused on achieving in your life is achievable. If you want to succeed, never consider failure as an option. Failure is a mindset, so also is success. Do not live your life without a reason. Create a reason for living as this will be your motivation each day that you awake. As a teenager, focus on developing the right qualities that would make people admire you. Focus is a quality you must inculcate in your personality.

- Involve your parents in your life
As you grow up, you may feel that you know it all but it is important that you understand that life is very complex and sometimes, we all need guidance. Do not be disobedient to your parents and allow them give you suggestions on how to tackle certain issues that you may find difficult to handle. Their experiences and journey through life qualifies them to be able to give you the right counsel. Teenagers often like to do things by themselves and regret later on but it is better to avoid making too many mistakes because some may be costly and leave an indelible mark on you.

- Develop and Follow your Goals
Goals lead you in your path to success. You should have a goal for your life as a teenager. They may be academic, relationship, spiritual, social goals. Your goals help to move you from one point to the other. For example, you can set a goal to be the best in your class. Next thing, you need to do is to put down a plan that will help you achieve that goal. Without a plan, your goals will not be achievable.

I believe that these few ideas I have shared would help every teenager learn the importance of personality development and assist you on your journey to success.

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