Personality Development of a Child

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Personality Development of a Child
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Personality development in children is the process through which a child's personality is groomed and enhanced. This grooming process is to be done in such a way to bring positive changes in the child's life which would him a better person. Children are born with different personality traits. From childhood to the time when they become adults, they are influenced by various factors and circumstances which all contribute to their overall personality development. As we know, when we talk about personality development, we refer to the process by which certain attributes and behaviour that are unique to a particular child are developed.

On their journey to becoming adults, children also go through the normal process of growth in every area which includes spiritually, intellectually, emotionally and socially. Parents should also realize these so that there will be less tension in the family and everyone can have more enjoyable time together. Children will not remain little forever, just like everything grows, they also will go through the growth process and become adults soon.

It is important that the personalities of children are properly developed as this is a vital key to success in life. The process is a slow and steady one but with patience will yield great results.

Personality Development Tips for Parents

Parents play a vital role in the personality development process of children. They determine to a

large extent how a child may eventually turn out in life. I will discuss some tips that would assist parents contribute positively to the growth of the child's personality.

Each child is different and unique and understanding the best approach to adopt will go a long way in helping to build the right personality in him. Love is an important ingredient that will endear your child to you and this will help him develop a loving and confident personality.

Some of these tips if applied properly and with love will help improve to a large extent the personality development of the child.

1. Prioritize your assignment in your child's life
It is important for parents to be committed about the upbringing of their children. Living in the world today is becoming tougher but there is need for parents to maintain a balance between their careers or business and family life. Time needs to be created to spend quality time with children as this will play a major role in the development of their personality.

2. Review the parenting skills you adopt
You need to understand the parenting skills that are suitable for your children so a review is necessary at regular intervals. Check your reaction to them in certain situations, assess its impact on your child's behaviour and also assess your expectations from your child if they are realistic. Each family has their unique parenting styles but there is need to review your skills and improve where necessary.

3. Avoid labelling your child
This is a wrong thing to do and it could have a huge negative impact on the personality development of your child. You should try not to compare your child with anyone and always allow your child to express who they are. They all have their own unique personality so try not to force them to behave or act in a particular way that is acceptable to only you.

4. Give your child the benefit of doubt
Everyone has their own shortcomings in life so do not expect your child to be perfect. It is important that you do not have unrealistic expectations from your child but strive to encourage him to do well in all that he does. Your primary assignment is to help him in the areas that he is passionate and endeavour never to dampen his spirits. Nagging has a lot of

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negative effect on children so ensure that you encourage him in what he does well and do not dampen his spirits.

5. Observe your child closely
Society plays a major role in affecting the personality development of a child so you will need to be involved in his daily upbringing. In this day and age of technology which gives them access to the internet, they need to be observed closely. You need to pay close attention to the interest and activities of your child and keep track of things he loves to and has interest in learning.

6. Always be an example to your child
As your child develops, he is more likely to do what you do. Ensure that you provide him with a good example of how to behave. If you are a good example to your child, he is more likely to follow suit.

7. You must have rules
To help in the development of your child's personality, you should have some laid down rules that would help build his character. You can achieve this by building a healthy communication channel with your child which makes it easy for him to relate with you. Rules will also help to strengthen the parent-child ties you share.

8. Punish for the right reasons
You do not have to be abusive or violent when punishing your child. You can punish lovingly and still get the message across. Ensure that when punishing, you show the clear differences between right and wrong so that the child learns something in that situation. You can also explain the reasons why you don't approve of certain behaviour and emphasize that you will be affected negatively if he continues in the path.

9. Listen to your child
You need to give your child complete attention as this will produce great results for you. It is also good to listen to the concerns that your child expresses as this will boost his ego and make him feel recognised.

10. Provide help when needed
As your child is growing, he has a lot to deal with in life. Make sure you are always available to help our where possible. Let him know that you appreciate him and that you are always available to support him. Give him the confidence that you will always be around to help if there is need for it. Where you can, help him through the ups and downs of daily living.

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