Qualities Of A Bad Leader

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Qualities Of A Bad Leader
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Leaders come in various forms. There are leaders at different levels who have developed certain negative qualities that make people characterize them as bad leaders. In this article, I will be looking at some of the qualities that make someone a bad leader. Anyone who occupies leadership position in any setting is expected to possess certain qualities that would help them function effectively. If someone is not exhibiting those positive characteristics, they can be described as bad leaders.

Some may find it difficult identifying a bad leader but I think it is simple if they look carefully.

They lack vision

A leader who lacks vision is not qualified to occupy that position. Vision makes a leader stand out and gives the team direction on the way to go. A bad leader is one that lacks vision which ultimately would lead to the failure of his team. It is easy to identify a team that is not going anywhere by their lack of vision. Anyone who is occupying a position of leadership in a team and does not have a vision is not supposed to be there. Vision is primary to success in any endeavor whether business, religion or family life. A good leader must be able to align his team around a clear and achievable vision. A visionless leader is a bad leader and this is one very easy way to identify a good or bad leader. Such a leader would be unable to motivate or inspire any other person.

They produce little or no result

Good leaders

are able to maximize resources to produce results. They are not talkers but doers. Bad leaders talk more than they perform and are prone to give excuses for failure. They always find a reason to give for not getting the job done and this leads to failure of the team or organization. When there is no positive result due to continuous underperformance, an organization will fail so it is important that leaders are evaluated periodically to ascertain their capability to lead.

They lack self-control

A bad leader is one who is unable to lead himself. He or she should possess good character and does not indulge in unethical practices. They would be unable to lead others when they themselves lack self control. A leader who lacks integrity cannot function effectively. Lack of self control will lead to failure and disaster in most cases.

They are arrogant

Bad leaders most times feel they know more than every other person and are unwilling to listen or learn from others. Most times, they are proud and arrogant and are unable to accept the fact that they do not know. They always want to be seen as knowledgeable and demand recognition. If they are not recognized, they become unhappy and angry. This trait makes them unwilling to seek knowledge because they see no need for it. They refuse to take advice and are angry if they are corrected by anyone. Expectedly, this would lead them to failure in a short while.

They lack communication skills

Bad leaders do not have good communication skills and they are unable to relate with other people well. For a team or organization to succeed, communication between the leader and others must be effective so a bad leader is one who has poor communication skills. This would impact on productivity negatively. Bad leaders are not good listeners and do understand how to connect with those who work with them. An ineffective communication system would only have negative consequences on any relationship. Bad leaders desire to impose their opinions and ideas on others as they lack the skills to sell their own thoughts to those who they relate with.

They are self-conscious

Bad leaders are always conscious of themselves. They think everything revolves around them and are inconsiderate of the

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feelings and opinions of others. Selfishness is a major trait of a bad leader and they do not understand that leadership is all about service. This self-consciousness makes them feel invincible and unable to make mistakes. They put the blame on others and always refuse to accept responsibility for error but little do they realize that one person cannot make an island. It is easier for teams to succeed at anything than an individual because what they cannot see, the other team members may be able to point it out easily. A leader needs inputs from others for his vision to be realized and he cannot do it alone.

They lack focus

A leader who is not focused will find it difficult accomplishing any great thing. Bad leaders lack the skill and understanding to set the right priorities in the pursuit of their goals. Focus is an important leadership quality and any individual that lacks it would be unable to achieve anything that is worthwhile. A leader must be able to align their decisions with the goals and vision of the team or organization he leads. Any leader who fails in this area is heading to great failure and the organization he leads is going nowhere. When a leader is focused, he would be able to utilize the resources at his disposal to achieve great things. A bad leader is an unfocused leader who does not have a sense of direction.

They refuse to take responsibility for failure

Bad leaders always refuse to accept responsibility for their mistakes. They fail to realize that blaming other people for failure destroys the team. A leader is the head of the team and must accept responsibility if the team fails. Bad leaders refuse to be held accountable for anything and only like to take the credit when the team succeeds.

They lack courage

Bad leaders are afraid to be different and lack the courage to challenge the status quo. They do not want to do things differently in order to produce better results rather they stick to the old ways. They are easily affected by failure and do not have their own personal convictions on anything but just go with the flow.

These are some of the qualities you will find in a bad leader. If you have any of these traits, try to work on yourself so that you can become a better leader.

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